John James WARRINER ca 1851-1938
Jane DYKE 1863-1946

Gippsland; Merino, Henty & Camperdown, Victoria, Australia

John James WARRINER b. ca 1851 Briagalong, Victoria, son of William WARRINER and Ann McINNES, married in 1883 at ___, Victoria to Jane DYKE, b. 1863, Yambuk, S-W Victoria, daughter of Samuel DYKE and Alice KELLY.

They had 8 children born at Narracan, Gippsland from 1883 to 1903 and by 1915 were dairyfarmers at Henty, near Merino, S-W Victoria.

John James WARRINER died at Camperdown, Victoria in 1938 and his wife Jane died at Colac in 1946.

John James WARRINER and Jane DYKE had the following known family with connections to Merino....

  1. Lillian WARRINER, b.1883, Narracan, Vic, d. 1967, Vic., m. Martin McLEAN 1879-1954.
  2. William John Robert "Bob" WARRINER, b. 1885, Narracan, Vic., d. 1955, Hamilton, S-W Vic., m. 1921, Ada Jane COOK 1898-1971.
    • enlisted WW1, 30 Dec 1915, Brisbane, QLD, Carpenter
    • served as Spr 14483, 8th Field Coy Engineers, AIF
    • RTA 8 May 1919
    • Named on Merino War Memorial
  3. Alice WARRINER, b.1888, Narracan, Vic, d. 1912, Melbourne, Vic. m. Stephen LOUGHNAN, b. New Zealand
  4. Ethel WARRINER, b.1890, Narracan, Vic, d. 1972, Camperdown, Vic., m. Donald Alexander McKENZIE 1889-1973. [ch'n at Sandford & Henty]
  5. Elsie WARRINER, b.1890, Narracan, Vic, d. 1975, Melbourne, Vic., m. Thomas Vincent DREW 1887-1979.
  6. Herbert WARRINER, b.1891, d. 1891, Narracan, Vic.
  7. Francis 'Frank' WARRINER, b.1892, Narracan, Vic, d. 1964, Geelong, Vic. m. Myrtle Ivy JONES 1903-1967, b. Merino, Vic., daughter of Walter Thomas JONES & Annie Emmaa Elizabeth BUNGE. They had children at Merino & Coleraine.
    • Frank WARRINER enlisted WW1, 21 Jul 1915
    • served as Pte 3520, 14th Battalion, AIF
    • RTA 1 May 1919
    • Named on Merino War Memorial
  8. Florence WARRINER, b.1903, Narracan, Vic, d. 1946, Colac, Vic.

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