"Caledonian Union Hotel" Sandford on the Wannon
1857 : John Scott Grant
Glenelg & Wannon Region, South West Victoria, Australia
1856 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Monday, 29th September 1856.


We hear there are two parties about to erect an Inn at Sandford on the Wannon. One of these we have already named is Mr Walker, formerly of the Commercial Inn Portland. The other is Mr Grant of the Woodford Inn Glenelg. The allotments which were sold at the late Land Sale, held at Casterton were run up to a high figure--from 8 an acre the upset price, up to 50 an acre. The prospect of business for a Public house at that spot must be very bright to warrant that competition for the land, and the business.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Wednesday, 11th March 1857.

PURCHASE OF INN.--Mr. Grant of Dartmoor has sold the Inn known as the Woodford Inn to Mr. William [sic Duncan] McPherson brother-in-law to Messrs McEachern of this town. Mr. Grant removes up to Sandford on Wannon, where he has erected a new Inn near that of Mr. Walker's.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 19th June 1857.


BEGS to announce to his Friends and the Public in this and the neighbouring towns and district as well as in the metropolis, that he has now nearly completed his magnificent Hotel at Sandford, and solicits a share of the patronage which his long management of his former establishment entiles him to hope for.


Is the largest and most commodious building in the Western District, and has been erected and furnished in the very best manner, and at a great outlay. The accommodation now offered to gentlemen and ladies visiting this part of our unrivalled colony has never before been attempted. Besides the numerous large single bedrooms, servants' room, and other apartments usually provided, the Caledonian Hotel boasts an elegant and lofty


38 feet in length ;
Suited for Balls, Concerts, and Public Entertainments.
And several Private Sitting Rooms, for families, with bedrooms.
All these have been comfortably carpeted, and handsomely furnished.

J. GRANT begs to acquaint those Gentlemen who may honor him with their custom, that the TABLE and attendance are under his own management, and the Stock of WINES and SPIRITS has been selected by excellent judges, and on the whole they will be found as perfect as anything in the colony. The charges will be extremely moderate.
N.B.--Stabling very complete, with loose boxes for raceao, and the better bred nags.
J. GRANT begs to announce to his friends and the public that he intends to have

A HOUSEWARMING on the 1st of July.

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