Ancient Order of Foresters
No. 3786, Court Caledonia, A.O.F.
Sandford on the Wannon River
Glenelg & Wannon Region, South West Victoria, Australia
Established, 21st January 1863.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Friday, 10th April 1863.

SANDFORD. (From A Rambling Correspondent.)

A lodge in connection with the Ancient Order of Foresters was instituted here about the end of January in the present year. Since that time the very satisfactory number of 32 members have been initiated into the mysterious privileges, and advantages of the band of friendly brotherhood ! Although (as it happens) I am not a member of any friendly society, I deeply sympathise with the objects sought to be attained by means of Friendly Societies, and heartily wish them all (when conscientiously and carefully conducted) all manner of successful progress !

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Friday, 31st July 1863.

SANDFORD. (From a Correspondent.)

ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS.--The Sandford Court of Caledonia now masters a goodly array of members, say about 55. This is a very satisfactory result, considering the comparatively speaking limited number of our population, and also the fact that the Lodge has only been in existence since the 21st January last.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Friday, 29th January 1864.

SANDFORD. (From Our Own Correspondent.)

On Thursday, 21st instant, the first anniversary of the Ancient Order of Foresters, belonging to Court Caledonia, was held at Sandford, and judging from the number or brothers present, the court may well be proud of the rapid advancement it has made since the date of its birth The followers of Robin Hood, at an early hour in the morning, left the township en route for Casterton, riding two abreast, with a band playing, and all the brotherhood wearing the Insignia of the order--presenting a very gay appearance to the spectators--when they all attended divine service, performed by the Rev. Mr. Graham. The procession then returned in the same order to Sandford, where, after parading the precincts of that village about 45 of the members, &c., sat down to a dinner prepared by Brother Grant, of the Caledonian Union Hotel. The room was arranged with much taste, festoons of flowers and flags being hung around with a very happy device at the head of the table, on which was written the characteristic words "Advance Australia." After the viands had been discussed to the heart's content, Mr. J. Kerr, C.E., chairman, proposed the loyal toast, which were responded to with much enthusiasm, the band playing the National Anthem, and seemed to bespeak that there were as good and true men in this Ultima Thule as any in Her Majesty's dominions. Mr. Andison, vice-chair, then proposed the health of the clergy, coupled with the name of the Rev. Mr. Graham, to which that gentleman replied in the following appropriate terms. He said that it afforded him much satisfaction to observe such good order and amicable feeling prevailing among the members or the society. He thought that any body that had for its common objects the suppression of vice and alleviation of distress was founded upon a right basis and tended to incalculable good. He then alluded to the benefits arising from these meetings, as calculated to relieve in some measure the asperities of life, or in other words, dress the knots off us. In conclusion, he begged to return his sincere thanks for the kind manner in which his health had been drank, and although this was the first time, he trusted it would not be the last he should have the pleasure of appearing before them. The health of the Surgeon and office-bearers was then drank, with several others, when the company separated, all seeming to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly. In the evening, a ball was held, at which a large number of the Foresters and their wives, with a good sprinkling of others resident in the neighbourhood, attended, keeping up the dancing with great vivacity till morn was appearing in the east.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Saturday, 16th July 1864.

CASTERTON. (From Our Own Correspondent.)

The advantage of Foresters' societies is well illustrated by the number belonging to the ancient order at Sandford amounting to nearly eighty members, though not very long established. One unfortunate brother, who broke his leg, has been receiving one pound per week since the accident, in addition to medical attendance. Union is strength.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Saturday, 4th March 1865.

SANDFORD. (From Our Own Correspondent.)

The Court of Foresters held its second anniversary on Thursday, the 23rd February, when a large number of its members assembled at the Court-house early in the morning to do honour to the occasion. They marched to Casterton, preceded by music. On arriving at Casterton they were met by the Rev. Dr. Russell, who delivered an able and comprehensive lecture, the subject being peculiarly applicable to the occasion, after which they returned to Sandford, where a plentiful and recherche dinner was provided by the host Mr. C. Grinham, in his new Assembly Room, at which seventy-six sat down. The room was decorated for the occasion by Messrs. Keillor & Co. The usual loyal toasts were given by the C.R., Mr. John Kerr, when the Rev. Dr. Russell proposed the Brotherhood, which was received with great warmth by the members. The health of the reverend gentleman was then drunk, and this concluded the dinner, only to be followed by a ball, at which visitors, members, and their wives were present to the number of 150. The room when lighted up really looked first rate, and dancing was kept up with great spirit till daylight did appear. I would say that this society, only in its infancy, bids fair to outrival any of the same order in the Western district, the number now approaching 110. Prosperity attend them.

"The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Friday, 18th June 1869.

Tutors, Governesses, Clerks, &c.

WANTED, a SURGEON, for Court Caledonia, of Sandford, No. 3786 A.O.F. About 130 members. A good opening here for a medical man. Applications to be sent to the secretary, from whom all particulars may be learned.
James Andison, secretary.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Hamilton, Vic.) Saturday, 15th October 1870.

PORTLAND. October 13.--The usual yearly audit meeting of the United Portland District of the Ancient Order of Foresters was held at the London Hotel on Wednesday night, Brother J. H. Row, D.C.R., in the chair. It was found that the entire number of this order in the district, which comprises Court Hope, of Portland ; Court Prosperity, of Portland ; Court Caledonia, of Sandford ; Court Perserverance, of Digby ; Court Good Intent, of Merino ; Court Brotherhood, of Hamilton ; Court Prince Alfred, of Belfast ; and Court Tranquility, of Harrow, were 481 members, of which 438 were good on the books. The funds show a sum of 2852 4s 4d to the credit of the general fund, and 149 1s 9d to the management fund. The yearly district meeting will be held on Friday, and a notice is given to remove the district meeting to Coleraine, for what object, if not for the spirit of opposition, I do not know. Indeed, the auditors find the utmost difficulty in adjusting the Court returns, which in come cases are perfectly unintelligible, and their work, extending over six or eight hours at a sitting, is an honorary and an unthankful occupation. One gentleman, after three quarters' experience, expressed himself sick of the job, and although a thorough Forester, has signified his intention to refuse such an appointment in future. There were three deaths during the last quarter--two members, and one member's wife--for which a sum of 50 was paid as funeral donations.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Hamilton, Vic.) Saturday, 2nd March 1872.

CASTERTON. (From Our Own Correspondent.) February 29.

The Foresters of Court Caledonia, marched from Sandford to Casterton yesterday afternoon, and then proceeded to the English Church where the Rev. Dr. Russell and the Rev. Handfield read a service, and the latter delivered an admirable discourse. In the evening the members sat down to an excellent repast in the Court room attached to the Glenelg Inn.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Hamilton, Vic.) Wednesday, 26th June 1872.

CASTERTON. (From Our Own Correspondent.) June 24.

At the meeting of Court Caledonia, A.O. F., at Sandford, on the 15th inst, the following officers were elected :-- C.R., T. Somerville ; S.C.R., H. Bond ; Treasurer, J. T. Nicholls ; Secretary, T. O. Evans ; W., J. S. Anderson ; B.'s, W. Stone and W. Anderson. Dr. Smith was elected surgeon to the Court.

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