Francis COLLINGBURN 1829-1869
Ann BEST 1836-1915

Somerset and Dorset, England; Harrow, "Runnymede" Sandford & Merino, Victoria, Australia

Francis COLLINGBURN 1829-1869, born Bath, Somersetshire, England, son of Jasper (Thomas) COLLINGBURN and Anne (Jane) KNIGHT arrived at Port Phillip in 1849 on the "British Empire."

Francis COLLINGBURN was married in 1858 at Chetwynd, Victoria, Australia to Annie BEST 1836-1915, born 1836, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England to Charles BEST & Maria COUSINS.

Francis COLLINGBURN & Annie BEST had seven children born or registered at Harrow, Sandford, Merino, Casterton and "Runnymede" station near Sandford where Francis died in 1869 and was buried in the Sandford cemetery. Annie died at her daughter's residence, Mount Gambier, SA in 1915.

Francis COLLINGBURN & Ann BEST had the following children...

  1. Henry James COLLINGBURN 1859-1897, b. reg at Harrow, Victoria; d. Mount Gambier, SA; m. 1890 to Rose LAMB 1865-1916, d. Queensland, Australia to Joseph LAMB and Emma SANDY; d. Penola, SA.
  2. Francis William COLLINGBURN 1861-1940, b. reg at Sandford, Victoria; d. Wentworth, NSW; m. 1897 NSW to Hannah Grace HOLLAND c.1883-1979, b. ..?.. to Henry HOLLAND and Catherine ..?..; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  3. George COLLINGBURN 1862-1937, b. reg at Sandford, Victoria; d. Warragul, Victoria; m. 1903 to Emily DICKEN 1881-1951, b. Mortlake, Victoria to Thomas Wilson DICKEN and Sarah Jane MARTIN; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  4. Ann Elizabeth COLLINGBURN 1863-1945, b. reg at Merino, Victoria; d. ..?..; m. 1880 to John LEWIS 1856-1924, b. "Mundarra" station, near Edenhope, Victoria to Thomas LEWIS and Rbecca BRAHAM; d. ..?..
  5. Edwin Charles COLLINGBURN 1865-1938, b. reg at Merino, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1905 to Mary Ann Elizabeth McINNES 1885-1964 b. Sevenhills, SA to Angus McINNES and Catherine McDONALD; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  6. Mary Jane COLLINGBURN 1866-1944, b. reg at Sandford, Victoria; d. Mount Gambier, SA; m. 1899 to Jonah JONES 1859-1949, b. Woodchester, SA to Joshua JONES and Rachael SMITH; d. Mount Gambier, SA.
  7. Sarah Maria COLLINGBURN 1868-bef 1915, b. "Runnymede" station, near Sandford, Victoria; d. ..?...

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