Robert CORDNER 1834-1897
Ellen HOSSACK 1836-1905

Ireland ; Merino & Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia

Robert CORDNER b. c.1831, Co Down, Ireland son of George CORDNER and Jane MARTIN was married in 1855 to Ellen HOSSACK, b. c.1835, Co Armagh, Ireland, daughter of ___ and ___.

Robert, Jane and 1 year old son George CORDNER arrived at Portland, Australia in December 1856 on the "Severn". The remainder of their family appears to have been born in the Merino & Sandford area of south-west Victoria before they later moved north to the Kaniva area. Robert appears to have worked at "Merino Downs" "Runnymede" and "Pieracle" Stations to the south of Sandford, S-W Victoria in the 1850s and '60s.

Robert CORDNER was a member of the Digby Ancient Order of Foresters in 1872.

Robert CORDNER became a land selector at Mriam Piram, near Kaniva in 1879.

Robert CORDNER died at Kaniva, Western Victoria in 1897 and his wife Ellen died there in 1905.

Robert CORDNER and Ellen HOSSACK had the following known family:

  1. George CORDNER 1856-1938 b. Ireland, d. Dimboola, Victoria, m. Christina McINNES c.1854-1945.
  2. John CORDNER 1858-1950, b. "Merino Downs" Station, S-W Victoria, of Thargominda, S-W Queensland from 1875, d. Brisbane, Queensland, m. Emily Debra TONER 1861-1952
  3. Mary Jane CORDNER 1859-...?..., b. "Runnymede" Station near Sandford, S-W Victoria, m. John BARRY....?...
  4. Robert CORDNER 1862-1940, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. Essendon, Victoria.
  5. James CORDNER 1864-1930, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. Dimboola, Victoria, m. Emma EVANS c.1882-1966.
  6. Joseph CORDNER 1866-1939, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Horsham, Victoria.
  7. William CORDNER 1868-1946, b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. Essendon, Victoria, m. Valerie Ann Florence LACKMANN 1879-1960.
  8. Helen CORDNER 1871-1872, born and died Merino, S-W Victoria.
  9. Henry CORDNER 1873-1952, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. Murrumbeena, Victoria, m. Edith Ann MARCHANT 1869-1928.

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