David GOODES 1844-1912
Sarah Helen HANNAFORD c1855-1921

South Australia & Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia

David GOODES b. 1844, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire, England, son of John GOODES and Elizabeth AYRES was married in 1875 in South Australia to Sarah Helen HANNAFORD, b. ca 1855, daughter of Richard Elliott HANNAFORD and Sarah STANGER.

David and Sarah GOODES were buried in the Sandford cemetery in 1912 and 1921 respectively.

David GOODES and Sarah HANNAFORD had the following known family:

  1. James Richard GOODES b. 1877, Sandford, Vic, m. Elizabeth Ann KING
  2. Sarah Elizabeth GOODES b. 1879, Sandford, Vic, m. William John JONES
  3. Esther Victoria GOODES b. 1881, Sandford, Vic, m. Henry Mason SHEPHERD
  4. Annie GOODES b. 1883, Sandford, Vic, m. David Peter JONES
  5. William Hannaford GOODES b. 1886, Sandford, Vic, m. Martha Jane KING
  6. David GOODES b. 1889, Sandford, Vic, m. Elsie Jane McCABE
  7. Ruby Beatrice GOODES b. 1892, Sandford, Vic, d. 1925, Casterton, Vic
  8. George GOODES b. 1896, Sandford, Vic, d. 1980, Portland, Vic

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