George HOLMES 1819-1903
Jane TYERS 1823-1900

Birmingham, England ; Byaduk ; Sandford & Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia

George HOLMES c.1819-1903, b. Lincolnshire, England son of John HOLMES and _______________, was married in ____ at __________ to Jane TYERS 1823-1900, b. Knossington, Leicestershire, England, daughter of John TYERS and Eleanor BURBECK. Jane TYERS was a sister of Samuel & Daniel TYERS who are in the Byaduk pioneers photograph.

George and Jane HOLMES and family appear to have arrived in Victoria from Birmingham, England in September 1856 on the "Saldanha" with three children, then another two were born born at Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria in 1857 & 1859 and the last two children had their births registered at Hamilton in 1862 & 1865.

The family settled at Byaduk and were involved in flour milling for many years. George's wife Jane died at Byaduk in 1900 and was buried in the local cemetery. George married again in 1901 to Emma Ann PAYNE c.1850-1903, b. Kent, England to George PAYNE and Jane WOODS who arrived with children at Portland, S-W Victoria in 1853 on the "Ann Milne." Emma died at Byaduk in 1903, 3 months before the death of George HOLMES at the age of 84 years. George was also buried in the Byaduk cemetery.

Some of the boys married and had families in the Sandford and Casterton areas of south-west Victoria, where they continued the tradition of operating and owning flour mills.

George HOLMES and Jane TYERS had the following known family...

  1. John HOLMES, b. 1848, Birmingham, Eng. d. 1927, Casterton, Vic, m. 1872 to Annie Sophia GREED, b. 1851, Somersetshire, d. 1923, Casterton, Vic. They had the following known family at Sandford:
    1. Alethea Phoebe HOLMES b. 1873, Sandford, Vic, d. 1961, Melbourne, Vic., m. Patrick Henry KILLEEN 1871-1961, b. Casterton, Vic.
    2. Eveline Alice HOLMES b. 1875, Sandford, Vic, d. 1968 Hamilton, Vic., m. Ewen Alexander GRANT 1875-1941, b. Adealide, South Australia
    3. Ethel Isabel HOLMES b. 1877, d. 1878, Sandford, Vic.
    4. Charles George HOLMES b. 1882, Sandford, Vic, d. 1952, Casterton, Vic., m. Agnes Agatha RYAN ~1888-1968, b. Ireland
    5. John Weaver HOLMES b. 1888, Sandford, Vic, d. 1976, Melbouene, Vic., m. Alice SHUGG 1893-1957.
    6. Ernest Henry HOLMES b. 1891, Sandford, Vic, d. 1980, Melbourne, Vic., m. Stella BROUGH 1893-1968, b. Ballarat, Vic.

  2. Sarah Jane HOLMES, b. 1851, Birmingahm, Eng, d. 1881, Byaduk, Victoria.

  3. William Tyers HOLMES, b. 1852, Birmingham, Eng, d. 1937, Merino, Vic, m. 1882, Casterton to Elizabeth Jane BAXTER, b. 1859, Casterton, Vic, d. 1919, Merino, Vic. They had the following known family at Sandford...
    1. Edith Sarah HOLMES b. 1883, Sandford, Vic, m. Joseph Burton MELDRUM
    2. George Baxter HOLMES b. 1886, Sandford, Vic, m. ...............?
    3. Harold William HOLMES b. 1887, Sandford, Vic, m. Kathleen Lillian ENDERBY.
    4. Edgar Charles HOLMES b. 1891, Sandford, Vic.
      • School pupil at Sandford and became a Junior teacher at Sandford
      • 1909 - entered Teachers' College
      • Teacher at Mokepilly, St Arnaud HES, Essendon HS
      • BA from University of Melbourne, studing for BSc at time of enlistment
      • enlisted WW1 16 Jul 1915
      • served as L/Cpl 4115, 59th Battalion, AIF
      • KIA 19 Jul 1916, Fromelles, France
      • Named on the Casterton War Memorial
      • Named on the Merino War Memorial
      • Named on the Sandford War Memorial
    5. Mahala Mary HOLMES b. 1894, d. 1894 Sandford, Vic.

  4. George HOLMES, b. 1855, Birmingahm, Eng. d. 1934, Casterton, Vic, m. 1882 to Julia HARMAN, b. 1861, near Hamilton, Vic, d. 1896, Casterton, Vic. They had the following known family at Sandford...
    1. Ethel May HOLMES b. 1882, Penshurst, Vic, d. 1964, Casterton, Vic.
    2. Herbert George HOLMES b. 1884, Mt Rouse, Vic, m. ...............?
    3. Percy HOLMES b. 1886, Penshurst, Vic, m. ................?
    4. Frederick James HOLMES b. 1887, Sandford, Vic.
      • enlisted WW1 9 Sep 1915 at Adelaide, SA
      • served as Pte 266, 32nd Battalion, AIF
      • RTA 13 Feb 1917
    5. Arthur Leonard HOLMES b. 1889, Sandford, Vic, m. 1916 Alice Edith OSBORNE.
      • enlisted WW1 2 Aug 1916
      • served as Pte 4059, 29th Battalion, AIF
      • KIA 13 Jun 1918, France
      • Named on Casterton War Memorial.
    6. Goldie HOLMES b. 1891, Casterton, Vic., d. 1972, Southport, Queensland, m. Alberta Amy FERGUSON.
    7. Alma Jane HOLMES b. 1895, d. 1913, Casterton, Vic.

  5. Harriet Ellen HOLMES (1857-1858), b. & d. at Belfast, Vic.

  6. Emma Amelia HOLMES (1859-1860), b. & d. at Belfast, Vic.

  7. Joseph HOLMES, b. 1862, Hamilton, Vic, d. 1929, Hamilton, Vic, m. Agnes Emma BRAND, b. 1868, Byaduk, Vic, d. 1950, Hamilton, Vic and they had the following known family at Byaduk...
    1. Galgys Irene HOLMES b. 1897, Byaduk, Vic, d. ......,
    2. Francis James HOLMES b. 1901, Byaduk, Vic, d. 1980, Byaduk, Vic.
    3. Vida Evelyn HOLMES b. 1903, Byaduk, Vic, d. 1928, Warrnambool, Vic.
    4. Una Alvira HOLMES b. 1907, Byaduk, Vic, d. 1993, m. Lovel A BRAND.

  8. Ebenezer HOLMES, b. 1865, Hamilton, Vic, d. 1944, Hamilton, Vic.

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