Skirving McDONALD c.1847-1882
Mary COX 1851-1925

Saddler of Penola, South Australia ; Casterton, Merino and Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia

Kirkhill (Penicuik), Scotland ; Penola, South Australia ; Dartmoor, Casterton, Merino and Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia

Skirving McDONALD c.1847-1882, b. Kirkhill (Penicuik), Midlothian, Scotland son of William McDONALD 1806-1887 and Janet SKIRVING 1808-1881; married 1871, Casterton, S-W Victoria to Annie GRANT 1851-1925, b. "Morningside" Mosquito Plains, S-E South Australia, to John Scott GRANT 1822-1879 and Ann KILPATRICK 1826-1903.

Skirving McDONALD arrived at Adelaide, South Australia, aged 4 years, with his parents and siblings on the ship "Caucasian" in 1852 and within a few months the family travelled by bullock dray and settled near the later established township of Penola in south-east South Australia. One of the family members also on the ship in 1852 was his infant nephew William McDONALD 1851-1925 (who later lived and died at Sandford, S-W Victoria), son of his brother John McDONALD 1830-1912 and Janet "Jessie" STEWART 1828-1912.

1862 : Skirving McDONALD was a saddler's apprentice to Mr. DOUGLASS at Penola, South Australia.

1871 : Skirving McDONALD, saddler of Casterton, Victoria and on the Glenelg Shire's List of Voters.

1875 : Skirving McDONALD advertised his house, land, furniture and good-will of his saddlery business in Henty-street, Casterton...

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Saturday, 31st July 1875.

HENRY DAVIS has received instructions from Mr. Skirving M'Donald, who is leaving the township, to offer for Sale by Public Auction, on the premises, on MONDAY, the 2nd August, at two o'clock sharp, his
PRIVATE HOUSE containing four rooms , with passage, &c., built substantially of brick, shingle roof, a detached kitchen, and servant's bedroom. The whole is securely and well fenced, and faces Henty-street, the Principal Street in Casterton, being Allotment 4, Section 10, containing 2 roods. Title good--terms at sale.
Sofa, Chiffonier, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Sewing Machine, Washstand and set, Dressing-table, Clothespress, Pictures, Mirror, Churn, Wringing Machine, Fountain, Fenders and Fire-irons, Fire-dogs, Hearth-rug, Lamps, set of Dishcovers, Tea and Coffee-pot, Garden Tools, Boiler, Lamps, Crosscut Saw, Maule and Wedges, &c., Wheel-barrow, 200 Gallon Tank, first-class Tilbury, and Sundries.
The Good-will of his Saddlery Business in Casterton.

1875-1881 : Skirving McDONALD was a saddler of Merino, S-W Victoria.

1881 : Skirving McDONALD returned Casterton, S-W Victoria.

1882 : Skirving McDONALD died at Casterton, S-W Victoria and was buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

1886 : Annie McDONALD, widow of Skirving McDONALD, mother of 4 children married again; to Henry LOGGIN 1853-1942, Watchmaker and Jeweller of Williamstown, Melbourne, Victoria.

1887-1893 : Henry and Annie LOGGIN (GRANT) had 3 children at Williamstown and Warrnambool.

1915 : Henry LOGGIN was advertising as a Watchmaker and Jeweller of Henty-street, Casterton.

1925 : Annie LOGGIN (GRANT) died at Colac, Victoria (where one married daughter lived) and was buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

1942 : Henry LOGGIN died at Sandford, Victoria and was buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Skirving McDONALD and Annie GRANT had the following family...

  1. Annie Janet Skirving McDONALD 1873-1895, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria; d. Warrnambool, Victoria; m. 1893 to William CROWL 1871-1950, b. Ballarat, Victoria to James CROWL and Mary McEVOY; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  2. Grace Helen McDONALD 1876-1969, b. Merino, S-W Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1906 at Fremantle, Western Australia to Charles Edward TODD 1859-1928, b. Adelaide, South Australia to Thomas TODD and Elizabeth Barbara McINTOSH; d. Port Adelaide, South Australia.
  3. John Scott "Jack" McDONALD 1879-1923, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria; d. Casterton, S-W Victoria; m. ...?...
  4. Flora Agnes Ellis McDONALD 1881-1960, b. Merino, S-W Victoria; d. Casterton, S-W Victoria; m. 1912 to William Edward Howard SEALEY 1887-1957, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria to William Edward SEALEY and Mary Ann BEST; d. Sandford, S-W Victoria.

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