Christian MENZEL 1791-1877
& Anna Rosina NUSKE 1799-1830
& Maria Dorothea RICHTER 1805-1853

Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia & Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch, South Australia

Christian MENZEL b. 1791, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia son of Daniel MENZEL & Anna HEBNAU was first married in 1824 at Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia to Anna Rosina NUSKE, b. 1799, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia daughter of Christian NUSKE & Pauline Maria GRAMMS.

Christian & Anna Rosina MENZEL had five children before the death of Anna Rosina in 1830 in the village of Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia.

Christian MENZEL was next married in 1832 at Nekla Hauland to Maria Dorothea RICHTER, b. 1805, daughter of Christoph RICHTER & ____.

Christian & Maria MENZEL had seven children in Nekla Hauland before emigrating from Germany to Australia in 1846-1847. The family sailed on the "Heloise" from Bremen, Germany on 12 Oct 1846 and arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on 17 Mar 1847. They were one of the many families who established the Lutheran settlement of Hoffnungsthal, near Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley.
The following link is to a Hoffnungsthal website listing many of the original families who established this settlement near Lyndoch in the Barrosa valley of South Australia.

Christian MENZEL and family were listed along with the following summary of the voyage...

The "Heloise" (476 tons) under Captain BECKMANN, left Bremen on October 12, 1846 and arrived at Port Adelaide on March 17, 1847. It had 5 passengers in the cabin, and in steerage "62 male adults, 38 married women, 6 female servants, and 103 children" - total of 214. The newspaper report also stated that these included 40 farmers, 14 miners, 1 cloth weaver, and 1 gold and silver smith.
A substantial number of these immigrants joined local congregations, and it is noteworthy that among them were the first of the settlers (chiefly from Posen) who established Hoffnungsthal. After this settlement was flooded out in 1853, the congregational centres were established at Lyndoch (St. Jakobi) and Rowland Flat. Quite a number removed to the Western District of Victoria.

MENZEL (MENGEL): wife; sister; 10 children: Christian Menzel (54); wife Maria Dorothea nee RICHTER; Johann Gottlieb (23), Michael (20), Wilhelm (14), Daniel (12), Anna Elizabeth & Pauline (7), Elilie (almost 5), Friedrich (3). Two children and sister not yet traced. The family came from Nekla Hauland, Posen, and settled in Hoffnungsthal.

Christian MENZEL died at Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch Valley in 1877 and is buried in the St Jakobi Lutheran Cemetery at Lyndoch. His 2nd wife Maria Dorothea died in 1853 at Hoffnungsthal and was buried in the Hoffnungsthal Cemetery near the original settlement in the Lyndoch Valley of South Australia.

Christian MENZEL & Anna Rosina NUSKE had the following family...

  1. Johann Gottlieb MENZEL, b. 1823, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1876, Lyndoch, SA, m. Maria Elizabeth LINKE 1834-1892. (19 children)
  2. Juliane MENZEL, b. 1825, d. 1833, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia.
  3. Michael MENZEL, b. 1826, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1888, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Maria Elizabeth ROCHOW 1835-1918. (13 children)
  4. Christian MENZEL, b. 1828, d. 1828, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia.
  5. Johann MENZEL, b. 1829, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1899, Kornheim, near Dimboola, Western Victoria, m. Anna Dorothea PELCHEN 1840-1925. (12 children)

Anna Rosina MENZEL (nee NUSKE) died in 1830 in Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia and Christiaa MENZEL remarried in 1832 to Maria Dorothea RICHTER, daughter of Christoph RICHTER also from the village of Nekla Hauland.

Christian MENZEL & Maria Dorothea RICHTER had the following family...

  1. Friedrich "Wilhelm" MENZEL, b. 1833, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1899, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Johanne Juliane BLESING 1837-1908, daughter of Johann Gottlieb BLESING 1809-1892. (13 children)
    1. Maria Louise MENZEL b. 1856, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch Valley, SA, b. 1892, Winiam, near Nhill, Western Victoria, m. Johann SEMMLER 1854-1924 (7 children)
  2. Daniel MENZEL, b. 1834, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1902, Hochkirch, now Tarrington, near Hamilton, Western Victoria, m. Maria Elizabeth PIETSCHKE 1839-1920. (9 children)
  3. Carl August MENZEL, b. 1837, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1911, Dimboola, Western Victoria, m. Johanne Christiane SCHNEIDER 1840-1904. (11 children)
  4. Pauline MENZEL, b. 1839, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1924, Temora, NSW, m. Marx Vernon BLOCK 1838-1902. (13 children)
  5. Anna Elizabeth MENZEL, b. 1839, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1925, Gawler, SA, m. Christian DAHLITZ 1825-1905. (10 children)
  6. Emilie MENZEL, b. 1842, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1921, Dimboola, Western Victoria, m1. Johann Rudolph MUHLNICKEL 1830-1884 (12 children), m2 Carl Wilhelm HUF c1833-1908.
  7. Friedrich MENZEL, b. 1844, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1898, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Dorothea Maria Sophie Johanna KOOP 1850-1921. (10 children)
  8. Ludwig MENZEL, b. 1848, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch Valley, SA d. 1913, Jeparit, Western Victoria, m. Ernestine Pauline MILICH 1849-1942. (10 children)

Daryl Povey (gt-gt-gt-grandson of Christian MENZEL & Maria Dorothea RICHTER)

The history of our MENZEL family was published in book form in 1984 as...

"With Pride : The Menzels of Hoffnungsthal 1847 - 1984"

Obviously there are changes in the family and family knowledge since then, but, if you do not have copy, then seek one out, as it is good starting point for some of the history of this MENZEL family group.