Henry PRETLOVE 1828-1912 b. Essex, England
Frances Letitia WEBB 1837-1919 b. Essex, England

of Essex & London, England ; "Retreat" Station, Casterton & Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia

Henry PRETLOVE b. 1828, Waltham Abbey, Essex, England son of William PRETLOVE and Harriet ALLEN (nee HAWES) was married in 1855 in Loughton, Essex, England to Frances Letitia WEBB, b. 1837, Essex, England, daughter of Francis WEBB and Eliza PHIPPS.

Henry and Frances PRETLOVE emigrated from England and arrived at Portland Bay, S-W Victoria, Australia in 1855 on the "Cairngorm." They moved inland and settled at "Retreat" Station on the Glenelg river, near Casterton in south-western Victoria and later at the nearby settlement of Sandford on the Wannon river.

Henry PRETLOVE died at Sandford in 1912 and his widow Frances died ther in 1919. They are both buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Henry PRETLOVE and Frances WEBB had the following family...

  1. Harriet Elizabeth PRETLOVE b. 1855, "Retreat" Station, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1929, Sandford, Vic., m. James HARWOOD 1833-1922, b. Lincolnshire, Eng., d. Sandford, S-W Victoria. 7 children.
  2. John Frederick PRETLOVE b. 1857, "Retreat" Station, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1933, Nuearpurr, Vic., m.1 Isabella "Fany" ATCHISON 1858-1894, b. Cape Bridgewater, S-W Vic., d. Nuearpurr, Vic. [no children], m.2 Jane SHAW 1860-1948, b. Hotspur, S-W Vic., d. Edenhope, S-W Vic. 4 children...
    1. Frances Letitia Webb PRETLOVE b. 1888, Neuarpurr, Vic, d. 1915, Horsham, Vic.
    2. Henry James PRETLOVE b. 1900, Neuarpurr, Vic, d. 1982, Minimay, Vic., m. Lucie Janey CHASTON 1899-1990, b. Goroke, Vic.
    3. Percy PRETLOVE b. 1901, Neuarpurr, Vic, d. 1980, Edenhope, Vic., m. Doris McCALLUM 1903-1991, b. Apsley, Vic.
    4. George William PRETLOVE b. 1904, Neuarpurr, Vic, d. 1988, Vic.
  3. George William PRETLOVE b. 1859, "Retreat" Station, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1953, Edenhope, Vic., m.1 Bridget CAHILL 1865-1915, b. Hamilton, S-W Vic., d. Hamilton, S-W Vic., m.2 Frances Adeline Stevens 1883-1968, b. S-E SA, d. Naracoorte, S-E SA. Children from 1st marriage were...
    1. Alice Frances PRETLOVE b. 1891, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1974, Colac, Vic., m. Francis Cecil WALSH 1890-1980, b. Condah, S-W Vic., d. Colac, Vic. [at least 2 children]
    2. Winifred Margaret "Winnie" PRETLOVE b. 1894, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1974, NSW., m. Alfred Blenheim "Arthur" GARLING 1888-1953, b. New Zealand, d. Sydney, NSW. Service in WW1 & WW2. 3 children.
    3. James Henry PRETLOVE b. 1895, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1974, Qld., m. Muriel Caroline WESTGARTH 1898- ? , b. Hamilton, S-W Vic. [? children]
    4. George William PRETLOVE b. 1896, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1972, Melbourne, Vic., m. Mary Evelyn ANDERSON 1896-1960, b. Hay, NSW., d. Melbourne, Vic. [? children]
  4. Charles Edward PRETLOVE b. 1861, "Retreat" Station, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1898, "Nookawarra" Station, WA, m. Ellen Mary LYONS 1856-1920, b. Portland, S-W Vic., d. Sandford, S-W Vic. 7 children...
    1. male PRETLOVE b. 1881, d. 1881 Sandford, S-W Vic.
    2. Harry Gordon RETLOVE b. 1882, Sandford, S-W Vic., d. 1950, Kalgoorlie, WA., m. Annie Josephine CAHILL 1884-1949, b. Hamilton, S-W Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic. 5 children.
    3. Percy John Russell PRETLOVE b. 1884, Sandford, S-W Vic., d. 1943, Wyndham, WA., m. Annie McBain "Marion" PATTERSON 1885-1917, b. Casterton, S-W Vic., d. Casterton, S-W Vic. [2 children]
    4. Florence Elsie "Floss" PRETLOVE b. 1886, Sandford, S-W Vic., d. after 1950, WA?, m. Angus Thomas "Sandy" WOODLAND 1876-1943, b. Merino, S-W Vic., d. Perth, WA. [4 children]
    5. Herbert George "Bert" PRETLOVE b. 1888, Sandford, S-W Vic., d. 1961, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. Myrtle Alice TAYLOR 1909-1985, b. Sale, Gippsland, Vic., d. Casterton, S-W Vic. [6 children]
    6. Norma Grace "Gracie" PRETLOVE b. 1890, Sandford, S-W Vic., d. 1960, , WA. [1 son : Alan PRETLOVE 1917-1943, d. POW Thai-Burma railway. Sandford WW2 Memorial]
    7. Charles Stanley PRETLOVE b. 1894, Sandford, S-W Vic., d. 1955, Wyndham, WA. [Enlisted WW1, no overseas service, Sandford WW1 Memorial]
  5. Annie Louisa PRETLOVE b. 1863, "Retreat" Station, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. 1924, Casterton, Vic., m. Joseph SAULT ~1849-1918, b. Sydney, NSW, d. Casterton, S-W Vic., bootmaker of Portland, Sandford & Casterton, both buried in Casterton.
    Joseph SAULT & Annie Louisa PRETLOVE had 5 children...
    1. Joseph Henry SAULT b. 1887, Casterton, S-W Vic, d. ............
    2. Ethel Frances SAULT b. 1888, Casterton, S-W Vic, d. 1954, Rainbow, N-W Vic., m. Richard Gordon ROBB 1885-1963, b. Melbourne, Vic., d. Rainbow, N-W Vic.
    3. Elsie May SAULT b. 1890, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1973, Ballan, Vic., m. John STEWART 1873- ? , b. Inverness-shire, Sct., d. ...........
    4. Etta Grace SAULT b. 1891, Casterton, S-W Vic, d. 1970, Bacchus Marsh, Vic., m.1 Peter NIKITINKO 1888-1928, m.2 Arthur William FRANKLIN.
    5. George William SAULT b. 1898, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1959, Melbourne, Vic., m. Ivy Clara THORNE 1906 ? , b. Melbourne, Vic. [WW1 service with 31st Battalion, AIF, severly wounded at Fromelles on 19 July 1916]
  6. Henry Francis PRETLOVE b. 1866, Sandford, Vic, d. 1895, Sandford, Vic., m. Florence Elizabeth May PERRY 1872-1906, b. Digby, S-W Vic., d. Sydney, NSW. 3 children...
    1. Harold Lancecourt PRETLOVE b. 1892, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1964, Merino, S-W Vic., m. Ellen Margaret "Nell" HURLEY 1895-1962, b. Colac, Vic., d. Merino, S-W Vic. [7 children]
    2. Ivy Beryl Frances PRETLOVE b. 1894, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1963, Melbourne, Vic., m. Jack Burton BATTY 1895-1942 b. Launceston, Tas., d. Melbourne, Vic. [? children]
    3. Zoe Ethel Maxwell PRETLOVE b. 1895, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1982, Melbourne, Vic., m. Reginald James William COULSON 1891-1951, b. Melbourne, Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic. [? children]. WW1 Service, Sandford Honour Roll.
  7. Fanny Letitia PRETLOVE b. 1868, Sandford, Vic, d. 1907, Mount Margret District, WA, m. Reginald COULSON 1868-1950, b. Kyneton, Vic., d. 1950 Melbourne, Vic.
    Reginald COULSON & Fanny Letitia PRETLOVE had 3 children...
    1. Reginald James William COULSON b. 1891, Melbourne, Vic, d. 1951, Melbourne, Vic., m. Zoe Ethel Maxwell PRETLOVE 1895-1982, b. Sandford, S-W Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic. [? children]
    2. Mary Eveline Frances COULSON b. 1893, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. ............, m. Arthur ROBERTS .............
    3. Ethel Letitia COULSON b. 1895, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1896, Melbourne, Vic.
  8. Mary Jane PRETLOVE b. 1870, Sandford, Vic, d. 1954, Melbourne, Vic., m. Thomas Edward DIWELL 1864-1932, b. Casterton, S-W Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic. 7 children.
  9. James PRETLOVE b. 1873, Sandford, Vic, d. 1878, Sandford, Vic.
  10. Susannah Emily PRETLOVE b. 1876, Sandford, Vic, d. 1883, Sandford, Vic.
  11. Ethel PRETLOVE b. 1879, Sandford, Vic., d. 1954, Perth, Western Australia, m. 1907, WA to Richard Francis WHYBOURNE 1877-1927, b. NSW, d. WA. 2 children.
  12. Ellen Isabella PRETLOVE b. 1882, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1958, Casterton, S-W Vic, m. Gordon LAWFORD 1879-1956, b. Sandford, S-W Vic., d. Casterton, S-W Vic.

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