Johann SEMMLER 1813-1868
Anna Dorothea SEIFERT 1813-1878

Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia & Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch, South Australia

Johann SEMMLER b. 1813, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia son of Jacob SEMMLER & Anna Rosina NEUMANN was married in 1836 at Wreschen, Posen, Prussia to Anna Dorothea SEIFERT, b. 1813, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia daughter of Johann George SEIFERT & ____.

Johann & Anna SEMMLER had at least four children before emigrating from Germany to Australia in 1846-1847. The family sailed on the "Heloise" from Bremen, Germany on 12 Oct 1846 and arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on 17 Mar 1847. They were one of the many families who establised the Lutheran settlement of Hoffnungsthal, near Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley. Click the following link to a Hoffnungsthal website listing many of the original families.

Johann SEMMLER and family were listed along with the following summary of the voyage...

The "Heloise" (476 tons) under Captain BECKMANN, left Bremen on October 12, 1846 and arrived at Port Adelaide on March 17, 1847. It had 5 passengers in the cabin, and in steerage "62 male adults, 38 married women, 6 female servants, and 103 children" - total of 214. The newspaper report also stated that these included 40 farmers, 14 miners, 1 cloth weaver, and 1 gold and silver smith.
A substantial number of these immigrants joined local congregations, and it is noteworthy that among them were the first of the settlers (chiefly from Posen) who established Hoffnungsthal. After this settlement was flooded out in 1853, the congregational centres were established at Lyndoch (St. Jakobi) and Rowland Flat. Quite a number removed to the Western District of Victoria.

SEMMLER: wife; 4 children: Johann Semmler (34); wife Anna Dorothea (34); Gottlieb (7), Ludwig (5), Juliane (almost 3), Friedrich (6m). From Kekal Hauland, Posen, and settled in Hoffnungsthal.

Johann SEMMLER died at Lyndoch in 1868 and is buried in the St Jakobi Lutheran Cemetery at Lyndoch as is his wife Anna Dorothea who died in 1878.

Johhann SEMMLER & Anna Dorothea SEIFERT had the following family...

  1. Gottlieb SEMMLER, b. 1840, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1913, Lyndoch, SA, m. Johanne Pauline BLESING 1842-1889. (13 children)
    1. Heinrich Paul SEMMLER, b. 1862, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1945, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Amalia Veronica SHULZ 1873-1964.
    2. Ida SEMMLER, b. 1864, d. 1864, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    3. Emilie Louise SEMMLER, b. 1865, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1949, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    4. Theodore Carl SEMMLER, b. 1867, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1942, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Maria Ottilie KRIEG 1877-1932.
    5. Marie Wilhelmine SEMMLER, b. 1868, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1940, Port Pirie, SA, m. Arthur BAWDEN 1873-1955.
    6. Amalia Sophie SEMMLER, b. 1870, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1929, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    7. Hulda Elizabeth SEMMLER, b. 1872, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1955, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    8. Amanda Dorothea SEMMLER, b. 1875, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1957, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Johannis Gotthilf KRIEG 1875-1950.
    9. Johannes Edward SEMMLER, b. 1876, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1899, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    10. Friedrich Wilhelm SEMMLER, b. 1879, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1949, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Louise Mathilde NOSKE 1879-1966.
    11. Alma Pauline SEMMLER, b. 1882, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1966, Southport, QLD, m. Gustav Julius SCHWARZ 1882-1967.
    12. Philipp Benjamin SEMMLER, b. 1884, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1962, Tanunda, SA, m. Pauline Martha NOAK 1885-1957.
    13. Johanne Pauline SEMMLER, b. 1889, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1976, Tanunda, SA.
  2. Ludwig SEMMLER, b. 1841, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1908, Freeling, SA, m. Johanne Ernestine KLAUBER 1846-1907. (11 children)
    1. Emma Alwine "Alvina" SEMMLER, b. 1868, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1943, Roseworthy, SA, m. Johann Heinrich DAHLITZ 1863-1937.
    2. Ottilie Ernestine SEMMLER, b. 1870, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1944, Freeling, SA, m, Carl Gustav ZANDER 1869-1921.
    3. Bertha Pauline SEMMLER, b. 1873, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1954, Port Adelaide, SA, m. Albert William James MOYSES 1872-1935.
    4. Anna "Annie" Louisa SEMMLER, b. 1874, Steelton, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1951, Stockwell, SA, m. Johann Traugott STEINERT 1871-1953.
    5. Ida Emilie SEMMLER, b. 1876, Steelton, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1950, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Walter Paul NOSKE 1881-1965.
    6. Amalia Emilie SEMMLER, b. 1879, Waterloo, Kapunda, SA, d. 1956, Gawler, SA, m. Friedrich Wilhelm NOSKE 1875-1936.
    7. Wilhelm Friedrich SEMMLER, b. 1881, Steelton, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1967, Port Adelaide, SA, m. Emma Emilie ZILM 1886-1971.
    8. Marie "Mary" Agnes SEMMLER, b. 1883, Carslruth, SA, d. 1961, Kapunda, SA, m. Robert Henry LEE 1879-1965.
    9. Hermann Gustav SEMMLER, b. 1884, d. 1884, Steelton, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    10. Bernard August SEMMLER, b. 1889, d. 1889, Freeling, Barossa Valley, SA.
    11. August Gotthilf Bernard SEMMLER, b. 1890, d. 1890, Freeling, Barossa Valley, SA.
  3. Julianna "Juliane" SEMMLER, b. 1842, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1922, Allens Creek, SA, m. Heinrich Benjamin "Ben" FROST 1840-1901. (10 children)
    1. Emma Louise FROST, b. 1864, Sandy Creek, SA, d. 1952, Allens Creek, SA, m. Samuel Gustav LAUBSCH 1863-1924.
    2. Pauline Juliane FROST, b. 1866, Sandy Creek, SA, d. 1943, Allens Creek, SA, m. Carl August MENZEL 1865-1927.
    3. Bertha Alvina FROST, b. 1867, Sandy Creek, SA, d. 1957, ___, SA, m. Johann Friedrich Gustav NEUMANN 1865-1900.
    4. Matilda Maria FROST, b. 1869, Allens Creek, SA, d. 1931, Allens Creek, SA, m. Anders Reinhold JONSEN 1859-1901.
    5. Ernestine Caroline FROST, b. 1873, Allens Creek, SA, d. 1952, Peter's Hill, SA, m. Johannes Gustav Bernard SCHOEBER 1868-1933.
    6. Ottalie Wilhelmine FROST, b. 1874, Allens Creek, SA, d. 1944, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Carl Friedrich HAUSLER 1868-1942.
    7. Heinrich Hermann FROST, b. 1876, d. 1877, Allens Creek, SA.
    8. Albert Gottlieb FROST, b. 1878, Allens Creek, SA, d. 1952, Allens Creek, SA, m. Ottilie Hedwig THAMM 1880-1964.
    9. Clara Amelia FROST, b. 1880, d. 1882, Allens Creek, SA.
    10. Anna Emilie FROST, b. 1882, d. 1910, Allens Creek, SA.
  4. Friedrich SEMMLER, b. 1846, Nekla Hauland, Posen, Prussia d. 1929, Cambrai, SA, m. Anna Dorothea SCHENKE 1849-1918. (11 children)
    1. Bertha Amalia SEMMLER, b. 1871, d. 1873, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    2. Theodor Reinhold SEMMLER, b. 1872, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1926, Temora, NSW.
    3. Paul Edward SEMMLER, b. 1874, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1938, Adelaide, SA, m. Beatrice Maud MANUEL 1886-1970.
    4. Marie Dorothea SEMMLER, b. 1876, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1953, Cambrai, SA, m. August Traugott LATZ 1875-1908.
    5. Alwina Elizabeth SEMMLER, b. 1878, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1902, Bow Hill, SA.
    6. Edward Gustav SEMMLER, b. 1880, Rheinthal, SA, d. 1962, Galga, SA, m. Eda Elizabeth FIEDLER 1886-1946.
    7. Franz Heinrich Albert SEMMLER, b. 1882, Rhine Villa, SA, d. 1956, Murray Bridge, SA, m. Ethel Florence Maud KNIGHT 1885-1967.
    8. Johan Friedrich Wilhelm "Bill" SEMMLER, b. 1884, Bow Hill, SA, d. 1955, Murray Bridge, SA, m. Marie Hulda KLEINIG 1889-1969.
    9. Arthur Ewald Hugo SEMMLER, b. 1886, d. 1898, Rhine Villa, SA.
    10. Adolph Hermann SEMMLER, b. 1889, Rhine Villa, SA, d. 1950, Adelaide, SA, m. Esther Sophia MICKAN 1891-1974.
    11. Bertha Amanda Helene SEMMLER, b. 1891, Walkers Flat, SA, d. _______, m. Reinhold LANGE 1897-1973.
  5. Louisa SEMMLER, b. 1849, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch, SA d. 1934, Lyndoch, SA, m. Gustav Gottfried NOSKE 1845-1910. (10 children)
    1. Eduard Gustav NOSKE, b. 1871, d. 1876, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    2. Otto Theodore NOSKE, b. 1872, d. 1900, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    3. Alwine Louise NOSKE, b. 1874, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1939, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. Friedrich August MENZEL 1878-1964.
    4. Charlotte Paulina NOSKE, b. 1875, d. 1876, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    5. Philipp Wilhelm NOSKE, b. 1879, d. 1898, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    6. Walter Paul NOSKE, b. 1881, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1965, Gawler, SA, m. Ida Emilie SEMMLER 1876-1950.
    7. Olga Emilie NOSKE, b. 1884, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1966, Lyndoch Valley, SA, m. John Archibal APPLETON 1871-1944.
    8. Edwin Benjamin NOSKE, b. 1887, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1974, Woodville, SA, m. Hulda Ottilie BOERTH 1890-1943.
    9. Agnes Amanda Aldeheid NOSKE, b. 1889, d. 1892, Lyndoch Valley, SA.
    10. Esther Hulda NOSKE, b. 1893, Lyndoch Valley, SA, d. 1977, Adelaide, SA, m. Julius Hermann ZEUNERT 1887-1960.
  6. Pauline SEMMLER, b. 1851, d. 1854, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch, SA.
  7. Johann SEMMLER, b. 1854, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch, SA, d. 1924, Antwerp, near Dimboola, Western Victoria, m. 1876, Lyndoch, SA to Maria Louise MENZEL 1856-1892 who was a daughter of Friedrich "Wilhelm" MENZEL (also from Nekla Hauland and on the voyage of the "Heloise" in 1846-1847) & Johanne Juliane BLESING. Johann & Maria SEMMLER had five children in South Australia before settling at Winiam, south of Nhill in far western Victoria where two more children were born but Maria died with the birth of her last child in 1892 at Winiam.
    Johann SEMMLER & Maria Louise MENZEL had the following family...
    1. Martha Amelia SEMMLER, b. 1877, Barossa Valley, SA, d. 1952, Millicent, SA, m. William Henry DAVIES 1865-1941. (lived at Sandford, Victoria)
    2. Wilhelm Johann SEMMLER, b. 1879, Whitwater, SA, d. 1946, Nhill, Vic, single, served in the 1st AIF.
      • 24 Jul 1915, enlisted in the AIF, Melbourne, vic
      • 27 Oct 1915, 23rd Battalion (6th reinforcements), AIF, embarked "Ulysses", Melbourne, Vic
      • Dec 1915, 23rd Battalion, AIF, served Gallipoli
      • 23 Feb 1915, joined 58th Battalion, AIF, Tel-el-Kabir, Egypt
      • 23 Jun 1916, 58th Battalion, AIF, arrived in France
      • 20 Jul 1918, transferred to 5th Machine Gun Battalion, AIF, France
      • 22 May 1919, 5th Machine Gun Battalion, AIF, disembarked "Trazos-Montes", Melbourne, Vic
      • 15 Jul 1919, 5th Machine Gun Battalion, AIF, discharged, Melbourne, Vic
    3. Alfred Gustav SEMMLER, b. 1881, Whitwater, SA, d. 1961, Jeparit, Western Victoria m. Amelia Rosina SCHNEIDER 1886-1970 (no children).
    4. Edwin Benno SEMMLER, b. 1884, Whitwater, SA, d. 1959, Dimboola, Vic, m. Mathilde Johanne BOTHE 1878-1959. (3 children)
    5. Agnes Adeline SEMMLER, b. 1886, Dalkey, SA, d. 1896, Lyndoch, SA.
    6. Florence Victoria SEMMLER, b. 1890, Winiam, Western Vic, d. 1965, Hamilton, Vic, m. Francis "Frank" Christopher Thomas COULSON 1878-1935. (8 children)
    7. Henry August SEMMLER, b. 1882, d. 1882, Winiam, Western Vic.

  8. child SEMMLER, b. 1857, d. 1857, Hoffnungsthal, Lyndoch, SA.

Daryl Povey (gt-gt-grandson of Johann SEMMLER & Anna Dorothea SEIFERT)

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