Henry BALL 1833-1904
Jane SUTTON 1830-1913

Gloucestershire & Staffordshire, England ; Adelaide & Mount Gambier, SA ; Strathdownie, S-W Victoria, Australia

Henry BALL b. 1833 Woolaston, Gloucestershire, England, eldest son of son of James Henry Thomas Elias BALL ~1808-1883 and Ann PRICE 1810-1856. Jane SUTTON b. 1830 Staffordshire, England, daughter of John SUTTON & Ann ....... Henry BALL & Jane SUTTON were married in England in 1852 and emigrated in 1856 with their 2 year old son George Henry BALL on the "Nabob" which arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia in December 1856.

Henry BALL was a blacksmith of Adelaide, SA for a few years after arriving in Dec. 1856, before moving to the Mount Gambier district in the S-E of the state where he farmed for many years at Mil Lel & Mingbool, and then in 1880 he moved over the border into S-W Victoria and established a farm, with his son, on the Glenelg River, East Strathdownie which was named "Park Hill Farm."

Henry & Jane BALL celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary on 22 Sep 1902 at "Park Hill Farm" Strathdownie East, S-W Victoria.

GOLDEN WEDDING.--Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ball, of Park Hill, Strathdownie, celebrated their golden wedding on September 22. The Casterton News supplies the following particulars of the couple :--
"In 1855 they left England for Australia, landing in Adelaide in December of the same year. Mr. Ball followed his trade of blacksmith in Adelaide until the year 1860. From Adelaide he came to Mount Gambier, where he arrived on the 17th March, 1860. He was engaged in farming in this part until the year 1880, when he decided to try his fortune in this colony, with the result that he and his family secured a large allotment of land on the Glenelg River, besides good grazing land some little distance away. When Mr. Ball arrived in Mount Gambier there were only four stone buildings there, viz., Farmers' Inn, Mitchell's Hotel, Long's Hotel, and the fourth being a private residence. Beer was selling at 4s. per quart, spirits 1s. per glass. Cows at this time could not be bought, 10 being considered a very reasonable price. Land in the most favored parts of the district could be bought at 3 per acre. This seems hard to credit, but it must be borne in mind that the most useless of draught horses were selling at 60, so that there was very little chance of doing any good with the land selling at the price mentioned. No flour mills were in Mount Gambier at this time, consequently teams were sent to Portland to procure supplies of flour. The price in Mount Gambier of this necessary article was about 50 per ton.
Mr. Ball has met with numbers of accidents. While loading a waggon with hay in Mount Gambier he had the misfortune to over balance and fall some 15 feet, sustaining injuries to his head and back. About seven years ago Mr. and Mrs. Ball were driving, when by some means the winkers came off their horse. Mr. Ball got out to fix things, the horse took fright, shoved Mr. Ball down, and ran the wheels of his buggy over his legs. Some weeks elapsed before he could get about again. No sooner was the unfortunate gentleman well than another severe buggy accident occurred. This time Mr. Ball sustained a broken thigh, and was under Dr. MacDonald's care for twelve months. After recovering from this accident Mr. Ball, who had taken an active and leading part in getting the Myaring Bridge built, was sitting on his horse watching the work of construction going on, a limb from a tree fell, striking him and breaking four of his ribs. Mr. Ball is the eldest of a family of 21, 9 brothers and 12 sisters. His own family consisted of 7 sons and 3 daughters, 3 sons being dead, and there are 16 grand-children and one great grandchild."
Source : "The Border Watch" (Mount Gambier, SA) Wednesday, 8th October 1902.

Henry BALL died in 1904 and his widow Jane died in 1913, both at Mount Gambier, and are buried in the Mount Gambier Cemetery.

Henry BALL and Jane SUTTON had a family of 10 (7 sons & 3 daughters)...

  1. George Henry BALL b. 1854, Walsall, Staffordfire, Eng., d. 1918, Mount Gambier, SA., m. in 1907 to Florence Rosina LOCKWOOD 1875-1950 of South Australia. [children];

  2. Samuel BALL b. 1858, Willunga, SA., d. 1880, Mount Gambier, S-E SA.;

  3. Ann BALL b. 1860, Willunga, SA., d. 1906, Myaring, near Dartmoor, S-W Vic., m. in 1879 to Alexander DEVEREAUX 1853-1935 of Strathdownie, S-W Vic. [children];

  4. Mary BALL b. 1863, Mount Gambier, S-E SA., d. 1938, Branxholme, S-W Vic., m. in 1885 to Hugh Owen DEVEREAUX 1856-1921 of Branxholme, S-W Vic. [child];

  5. John James BALL b. 1865, Mount Gambier, S-E SA., d. 1939, Dartmoor, S-W Vic., m. in 1889 to Mary Jane DOWLING 1871-1956 of Sandford & Dartmoor, S-W Vic. [children];

  6. Thomas BALL b. 1867, Mil Lel, S-E SA., d. 1940, Queensland., m. in 1911 in Queensland to Margaret Eleanor QUINN 1870-1962 of Queensland. [children];

  7. William Henry BALL b. 1870, Mingbool, S-E SA., d. 1870 Mil Lel, S-E SA.

  8. Joseph BALL b. 1871, Mingbool, S-E SA., d. 1935, Mount Gambier, S-E SA., m. in 1896 in Casterton, S-W Vic., to Caroline MURRELL 1873- ? of Sandford, S-W Vic. [children ?];

  9. Jane BALL b. 1873, Mingbool, S-E SA., d. 1917, Hamilton, S-W Vic., m. in 1896 in Casterton, S-W Vic., to Richard George JARRAD 1869-1944 of Dartmoor, S-W Vic. [children];

  10. son (10th child, possible name James) BALL b. aft 1854, d. bef 1904.;

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