Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS 1820-1867
Jane "Jeanie" HUTCHESON 1824-1864
Mary Ann ADAMSON c.1842-1908

Scotland ; Melbourne, Port Phillip; Wando, Glenelg and Wannon Rivers district;
"Melville Forest" Station (E of Coleraine) and Portland, Victoria, Australia

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Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS 1820-1867, b. Scotland to Robert HAWKINS and Penelope CARRUTHERS; d. "Melville Forest" Station, E of Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1849 to Jane "Jeanie" HUTCHESON 1824-1864, b. Scotland to David HUTCHESON and Isabella TAYLOR; d. Portland, Victoria.

Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS, Surveyor (aged 19/20y), arrived at Melbourne, Port Phillip on the emigrant ship "David Clarke" on 27 Oct 1839 after it sailed from Greenock, Scotland on 15 Jun 1839.In 1842 he was advertising as a surveyor in Melbourne, Port Phillip.

Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS, squatter, held a number of Pastoral runs, including "Pollock" (near Lake Colac 1845), "Cashmere" (on the Wando 1849-'51), "Springbank" (on the Glenelg 1852-'54), "Wando" (NW of Wando Vale 1855-'59), "Wilderness" (NE of Coleraine 1858-'64) and "Melville Forest" (NE of Coleraine 1858-'77).

Jeanie, the first wife of Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS died at Portland 1864 and Samuel died at his property "Melville Forest" (NE of Coleraine) in 1867 and both were buried in the North Portland Cemetery. Mary Ann, the second wife of Samuel died at Kyneton, Victoria and was buried in the Kyneton Cemetery.

Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS and Jane "Jeanie" HUTCHESON had the following known family:

  1. Isabella HAWKINS 1849-1916, b. Glenelg River (Casterton), Port Phillip; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. in 1868 at Portland, Victoria to Jacob Robert Yannesah GOLDSTEIN c.1840-1910, b. Co Cork, Ireland to Isaac GOLDSTEIN and Mary PULVERTOFT, d. Melbourne, Victoria (5 children).
  2. Penelope Bell "Appie" HAWKINS 1851-1898, b. "Runnymede" Station (on the Glenelg), Sandford, Victoria; d. Castlemaine, Victoria; m. in 1871 to Rev John Wightman LAWSON c.1831-1892, b. Edinburgh, Scotland to Robert LAWSON and .?., 1870 Presbyterian Minister at Portland, Victoria; d. Castlemaine, Victoria (6 children).
  3. Robert James HAWKINS 1853-1854, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.
  4. Robert James HAWKINS 1855-1893, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Castlemaine, Victoria.
  5. Janet "Jessie" HAWKINS 1856-1944, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Dunolly, Victoria; m. in 1883 at Melbourne, Victoria to Alexander WILLIAMSON c.1847-1929, b. Banffshire, Scotland to Alexander WILLIAMSON and Maria INKSON, Newspaper editor at Dunolly, Victoria; d. Dunolly, Victoria (0? children).
  6. Georgina HAWKINS c.1856-1944, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Dunolly, Victoria; m.1 in 1876 at Warrnambool, Victoria to William John WATSON 1839-1886, b. Co Armagh, Ireland to James WATSON and Sarah McLEAN; Storekeeper and Politician at Young, NSW; d. Sydney, NSW (1 son); m.2 in Sydney, NSW to Arthur NICHOLS ..?..
  7. David HAWKINS 1858-1922, b. "Melville Forest" Station (E of Coleraine), Victoria; Storekeeper, Farmer and Auctioneer of NSW; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1882 at Young, NSW to Sarah Keziah REGAN 1862-1934, b. Burrangong (near Young), NSW to William John REGAN and Elizabeth WHITE; d. Griffith, NSW (13 children).
  8. Jeanie HAWKINS 1862-1941, b. "Melville Forest" Station (E of Coleraine), Victoria; d. South Yarra, Victoria; m. in 1883 at Dunolly, Victoria to Edward Walter HUGHES c.1855-1922, b. South Australia to Samuel HUGHES and Sally PLAISTED, Bank Manager at Beaufort, Victoria for 30y; d. Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria (3 children).

Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS and Mary Ann ADAMSON had the following known family:

  1. Mary HAWKINS 1866-1866, b. and d. Portland, Victoria.
  2. Samuel Melville HAWKINS 1867-1947, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. in 1899 to Ida Hay MANN 1871-1929, b. Melbourne, Victoria to George Hay MANN and Mary Elizabeth HURST, d. Melbourne, Victoria.

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