Owen Charles O'REILLY c.1809-1885
& Jane Winter MORTIMER c.1796-1869
& Ellen O'DONNELL c.1831-1904

Co Cavan Ireland; VDL; Portland; "Steep Bank" & "Wando" stations; Casterton Victoria, Australia

Owen Charles O'REILLY b. ~1809, Co Cavan, Ireland, son of ____ O'REILLY & Margaret FARLEY, grandson of Philip O'Reilly, Esq., solicitor, Mullagh, Co Cavan, and cousin of Fleming O'Reilly, Esq., ex-treasurer, County Meath, Ireland. He married abt 1830, Dublin, Ireland to Jane Winter MORTIMER, b. ~1796, daughter of ___ MORTIMER & ____ BARNES. They had one daughter in Ireland before emigrating to Van Diemen's Land about 1833, and a son James was born at sea on the voyage out. Another three children were born in Van Diemen's Land before the family sailed to the Port Phillip District, landing at Portland Bay by 1842.

Owen O'REILLY occupied a number of squatting runs in south western Victoria. He held "Steep Bank," Cashmere," "Woodburn" and "Wando" stations, in the Wando Vale area, north of Casterton from about 1850 to the 1880s.

Owen Charles CARMICHAEL was an original Glenelg District Roads Board member in 1863, when the first meeting was held at Casterton on December 2nd, 1863. Those present at this first meeting were George CARMICHAEL (chairman), Maurice CUSSEN, Francis HENTY, Denis NASH, Owen O'REILLY, & William TREVASKIS. The Roads Board was proclaimed the Shire of Glenelg on 29th June, 1864. Meetings were held at the original Council Chambers at Sandford 1864-1866 and from then in Casterton where a new Council building was opened in 1868. He served on the Council from 1863-1864.

Jane O'REILLY, wife of Owen died at "Woodburn" station in 1869 and was buried on "Steep Bank" station.

Owen O'REILLY lived with his house-keeper, Ellen O'GORMAN (nee O'DONNELL), born abt 1831, daughter of Thomas O'DONNELL & Catherine O'LEARY. Ellen had been the wife of James O'GORMAN, shepherd in the employ of Owen O'REILLY in 1867-8, but she left her husband because he treated her badly. James & Ellen O'GORMAN had 5 chiuldren, with the last being born in Melbourne in 1865.

Owen O'REILLY and Ellen O'GORMAN had 3 children from 1871-1874. Owen sold his properties at Wando Vale by 1884 and moved to Portland. He also a cquired a property at Mount Rowan, Ballarat where he died in 1885 and was buried in the South Portland cemetery. Ellen died at Portland and was also buried in the South Portland Cemetery

Owen Charles O'REILLY & Jane Winter MORTIMER had the following known family:

  1. Fanny Julia O'REILLY b. ~1831, Dublin, Ireland, d. 1892, Adelaide, SA, m. Geoffrey O'GRADY ~1829-1888.
  2. James Francis Mortimer O'REILLY b. 1833, at sea, d. 1900, Melbourne, Vic., m. Bridget NOLAN 1837-1923.
  3. Mary Harriet O'REILLY b. ~1835, ___, VDL, d. 1934, Mt Gambier, SA, m. William NEWTON 1844-1922.
  4. Jane Agnes Mortimer O'REILLY b. ~1839, Hobart Town, VDL, d. 1903, Wando Vale, Vic m. John HURLEY ~1832-1912.
  5. Owen Walter O'REILLY b. ~1842, Launceston, VDL, d. 1872, Geelong, Vic. m. Ellen Constance MALONE ~1458-...........?.
  6. Sarah Marion Josephine O'REILLY b. ~1845, ___, Port Phillip, NSW, d. 1910, m. John Charles SUTTON 1837-1916.
  7. Elizabeth O'REILLY b. 1848, Portland, Port Phillip, d. 1881, Sandford, Vic m. Thomas John ROSS ~1843-1906.

Owen Charles O'REILLY & Ellen O'GORMAN (nee O'DONNELL) had the following known family:

  1. Edward Stirling O'REILLY b. 1871, "Wando" station d. 1893, Portland, Vic.
  2. Margaret "Maggie" O'REILLY b. ~1872, "Wando" station, d. ..............., m. Robert Sutherland MATHESON 1868-1896.
  3. Owen Stirling O'REILLY b. 1874, "Wando" station, d. 1896, Melbourne, Vic, m. 1894 to Selina "Lena" WRATHALL 1874-1946 b. Costerfield, Vic., d. Canberra, ACT, m2. 1898 to Dr. Cyrus Bath RETALLACK 1870-1946.

James O'GORMAN & Ellen O'DONNELL (James a shepherd employed by Owen O'REILLY on "Woodburn" station 1867-8), had the following known family:

  1. John O'GORMAN b. ~1853, Co Limerick, Ireland d. ......... He left his mother at "Wando" in 1871, vowing never to return and ..............?
  2. Thomas O'GORMAN b. ~1855, Co Limerick, Ireland d. 1893, Chetwynd, Vic., m. Emma Mary BILSTON 1862-1926
  3. Catherine O'GORMAN b. ~1859, Co Limerick, Ireland d. 1921, Casterton, Vic., m. Michael O'CONNELL ~1852-1906
  4. Patrick O'GORMAN b. 1860, Co Limerick, Ireland d. 1929, Melbourne, Vic., m. Margaret Mary LAMBERT ~1860-1934
  5. Mary Ann O'GORMAN b. 1865, Melbourne, Vic. d. 1950, Warragul, Vic., m. James Sholto DOUGLAS 1859-1917

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