Sewing Mistress Applicants

Wando Vale 1902

The following ladies applied for the position of sewing mistress at Wando Vale State School in 1902. VPRS 640/P1 Series 1262 School No 3397 contains their letters of application and references from various notables of the district to support their applications.

  • Florence Widdicombe, Wando Vale, 18 (Father was one of the Closer Settlers)

  • Grace Milburn had held the position and resigned, 22

  • Mary E Erlandsen, Wando Vale

  • M A O'Brien, Grassdale, 23

  • Mrs Alice Daley, Bahgallah, 30

  • Flora McLean, 'Glen View', Wando Vale, 20

  • Mary Casey, Casterton, 19

  • Harriet N Spurrell, Casterton, 18

  • Myra Kent, Casterton, 19

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