Edward LIGHT c.1827-1872
Isabella McFADYEN c.1832-1917

London, England ; & "Muntham" Station (1855) ; Cavendish, Victoria, Australia

Edward LIGHT c.1827-1872, b. London, England to ...?... and ...?...; d. Cavendish, Victoria; married 1853 at Coleraine, Victoria to Isabella McFADYEN c.1832-1917, b. Argyllshire, Scotland, to Alan McFADYEN and ...?...; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

This couple married at Coleraine, Victoria, had their first child at "Muntham" Station, near Carapook in 1854 before moving on to the Cavendish area, north of Coleraine, Victoria where more children were born and the father died at a young age.

Edward LIGHT died at Cavendish, Victoria in 1872, aged 45 years and his widow Isabella died in 1917 in Melbourne.

Edward LIGHT & Isabella McFADYEN had the following known family:

  1. Thomas LIGHT 1854-1934, b. "Muntham" Station, Carapook, Victoria; d. Birchip, Victoria; m. ...?....
  2. Edward LIGHT 1856-1865, b. Balmoral, Victoria; d. Cavendish, Victoria.
  3. Harriet LIGHT 1858-1883, b. Cavendish, Victoria; d. Natimuk, Victoria; m. 1881 to Ronald McDONALD, b. ...?..., Victoria; d. ...?...
  4. Flora LIGHT 1860-1865, b. and d. Cavendish, Victoria.
  5. Henry LIGHT 1862-1884, b. Cavendish, Victoria; d. Natimuk, Victoria.
  6. Ernest Augustus LIGHT 1864-1865, b. and d. Cavendish, Victoria.
  7. Flora Jane LIGHT 1867-1939, b. Cavendish, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1908 to William Francis NETHERWAY, c. 1870-1941, b. England, to John NETHERWAY and Rebecca SMITH; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  8. Edward John LIGHT 1869-1951, b. Cavendish, Victoria; d. St Arnaud, Victoria; m. 1911 to Jane McCLURE 1870-1951, b. Muntham, Victoria to James McCLURE and Margaret McLACHLAN; d. Birchip, Victoria.
  9. Ernest LIGHT 1871-1951, b. Cavendish, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. ...?....

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