Bahgallah Football Team (ca 1920's ?)

Casterton, South-West Victoria, Australia

Do you know any of the missing names or date of the photograph?

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Bahgallah Football Team, near Casterton

Back : (left > right)

1. Archie WOMBWELL, 2. _________, 3. Oscar 'Ocky' FOSTER, 4. _________, 5. Frank THOMPSON, 6. Cyril JAMIESON,

7. _________, 8. Hec McCOMBE, 9. George McKENZIE, 10. _________, 11. Jack SOMERVILLE

Middle : (left > right)

1. Robert 'Bob' John Harold LOWE, 2. Les GALPIN, 3. Jim GALPIN, 4. George LIVOCK, 5. Edward 'Hub' GILL,

6. _________, 7. Theodore 'Bricky' RICHARDSON

Front : (left > right)

1. _________, 2. Gordon 'Finty' RICHARDSON, 3. _________, 4. Henry WOMBWELL, 5. _________

  • Les & Jim GALPIN are brothers, sons of Alfred GALPIN & Jane WOMBWELL.
  • Jim GALPIN married Doris SOMERVILLE (Jack's Sister), daughter of Robert SOMERVILLE and Mary Ann Elizabeth DAY.
  • Edward 'Hub' GILL, son of Richard GILL & Ada HAMMOND married Jean McGREGOR.
  • Cyril JAMIESON was the son of the Bahgallah school teacher, Alfred JAMIESON & Eliza Harriet McGREGOR.
  • 'Bob' LOWE, son of John LOWE & Minnie CARRICK married Mary Ann Mabel FOSTER, daughter of Arthur George FOSTER and Clara TUFFNELL.
  • Oscar FOSTER, son of Daniel FOSTER & Elizabeth GOODWIN married Ettie GLOVER
  • George LIVOCK, son of William LIVOCK & Elizabeth GLOVER married Ruth HUMPHRIES, daughter of Francis HUMPHRIES & Mary Jane SALT.
  • Hector 'Hec' McCOMBE, son of Samuel McCOMBE & Amelia BELL married Doris FELLOWS, daughter of William FELLOWS and Emma SHANNON.
  • George McKENZIE, son of Robert McKENZIE & Clara HUMPHRIES married Mary Ann DAVIES, daughter of William Henry DAVIES & Martha Amelia SEMMLER.
  • Gordon & Theodore RICHARDSON are brothers, sons of Henry Albert RICHARDSON & Annie Elizabeth DOWLING.
  • Gordon RICHARDSON married Alma HUMPHRIES (Ruth's Sister).
  • Frank THOMPSON may be the son of Francis THOMPSON and Mary Emma PARKER.
  • Archie WOMBWELL 1876-1934, son of James WOMBWELL & Lydia THURLBORN is Henry WOMBWELL's father. Henry married Thelma McCOMBE, sister of Hec McCOMBE.
Premiership Medals :

Robert Miller mentions 4 premiership medals that appear to have been presented to Leon NOWACKI (1887-1928). Is Leon NOWACKI one of the players in the above photograph?

  • Federal F.C. Premiers 1921 J. Nowacki (I assume that the J is an error)
  • Bahgallah F.C. Premiers 1922 L.A. Nowacki
  • Federal F.C. Premiers 1922 L. Nowacki
  • Bahgallah F.C. Premiers 1925 L. Nowacki