Joseph Clifden BECKETT c1852-1936
Elizabeth Kate BROWN c1855-1934

Berkshire, England; Colonial Bank Manager of Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia 1875-1903

Joseph Clifden BECKETT b. ca 1852, Berkshire, England was married to Elizabeth Kate BROWN, b. ~1855, d. 1934, Beaumaris, Melbourne, daughter of Thomas BROWN and Elizabeth Strachan BROWN. Mary Ellen BROWN ~1852-1934, sister of Elizabeth was married to Dr. Charles SMITH ~1842-1921 who was doctor at Casterton from 1874-1902.

Joseph Clifden BECKETT was the manager of the Colonial Bank at Casterton 1875-1903, the location of which is shown in the 1882 Commercial Sector Plan of Henty Street, Casterton.

Clarice BECKETT, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth BECKETT, attended Ballarat & Queen's Anglican Grammar School and became a respected Australian artist. An exhibition of her works was mounted in the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery in 1999.

Joseph and Elizabeth BECKETT had the following known family:

  • Thomas Alfred Joseph BECKETT b. 1882, Casterton, Vic, d. 1899, Kew, Melbourne, Vic.
  • Clarice Majorbanks BECKETT b. 1887, Casterton, Vic, d. 1935, Sandringham, Vic
  • Hilda Ruby BECKETT b. 1891, Casterton, Vic, d. 1980, Sale, Vic., m. Thomas Patrick MANGAN

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