'Echoes of the Past'
by Glenelg Shire (1988)
Casterton Community Art & Craft Association (1991)

The content of this booklet was originally published by the CASTERTON NEWS, in 1886. It appeared as a series of interviews with several District pioneers, and was carried out by a NEWS reporter. Some of the interviews contain large amounts of historically irrelevant discussion, and where the context and flow of the article has not been compromised, this has been omitted. In addition, a large amount of editing has been essential to make the articles more understandable to modern readers. Hence obscure words have been substituted by words more appropriate, and Gaelic and Latin phrases, together with Shakespearean quotations have been omitted. Because of the historical significance of these interviews, it was decided not to alter any of the factual information presented, even though it is recognised that several dates and names, as published in the Casterton News in 1886, are incorrect.

Echoes of the Past : Summary of Interviews
  • Casterton Interviews, 1886 - Mr Hugh Glancy (1820-1908), Mr John Richardson (1820-1910), Mr Maurice Edwards (1831-1904)

  • Sandford Interviews, 1886 - Mr Patrick Lyons (1825-1913); Mr J. S. Anderson (1845-1918)

  • Strathdownie Interview, 1886 - Mr Jones (reported to be Mr. William McEachern (1814-1895))

  • Waines Murder, Casterton - Mr George Cue (1815-1897)