Casterton Images
A few older images of Casterton on the Glenelg River, in south west Victoria.

Casterton in 1868Casterton on the Glenelg River - this 1868 view by H. A. GEORGE showing 'The Glenelg Inn' over the river on the right.

Henty Street, Casterton - looking east. Henty St, Casterton

Henty St., CastertonHenty Street, Casterton - looking west. Grant's 'Albion Hotel' is the doublw story building on the left opened in 1907, having replaced the original building depicted further down this page.

The Glenelg Inn - originally constructed by Andrew McKINLAY in 1846 who died in a Strathdownie swamp in Nov 1848. Glenelg Inn, Casterton

Grant's Albion Hotel, Casteron Grant's Albion Hotel - originally constructed by Robert GRANT in 1865 and his younger brother George as a single story structure. It was replaced in 1906/6 with a double story building.

Alexander McBEAN's Shoeing Forge, Casterton - opened in 1875 opposite the Glenelg Inn. Taken over by John ILLINGWORTH in 1882 and expanded to become ILLINGWORTH's Coach Building and Buggy Factory. McBean's, Casterton

Mechanics' Institute, Casterton Casterton Mechanics' Institute (on right) - originally constructed in 1876 with a second story added in 1891 (after this photograph was taken). The building on the left was a Bank.

Henty Street Casterton Looking East