Hugh Alexander PLACE 1872-1947
Margaret Ann LOVE 1877-1954

Campbell's Creek (Castlemaine) ; Romsey (near Macedon) ; Daylesford and Kyneton, Victoria, Australia.

Monumental Mason of Daylesford and Casterton, Victoria

Granite Quarry Developer at Wando Vale, near Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia

Hugh Alexander PLACE 1872-1947, b. Campbell's Creek (Castlemaine), Victoria to William Matthew PLACE and Janett "Jessie" McBEAN, died at Castlemaine, Victoria; married in 1899 to Margaret Ann LOVE 1877-1954, b. Romsey (near Macedon), Victoria to Richard James LOVE and Sophia COWELL, d. Kyneton, Victoria, Australia. They had four children : Margaret Myrtle (1900), Florence Jessie (1904), Jessica McBean "Jessie" and George Alexander (1912) PLACE.

1914 : Hugh Alexander PLACE monumental mason of Daylesford, Victoria opened Monumental Yards in Jackson-street, Casterton, S-W Victoria. His agent and manager was to be Thomas William DALE (his nephew), Monumental Mason, Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 15th January 1914.
H. A. PLACE, Monumental Mason, Next to Casterton State School, Has much pleasure in informing the Public of Casterton and surrounding districts that he HAS OPENED Monumental Yards at the Above Address. Granite and Marble Monuments and Iron Railings in every design. All work guaranteed. Large number of designs to select from. Price Lists supplied on application.

1917 : Hugh Alexander PLACE monumental mason of Daylesford, Victoria had his Monumental Yards in Jackson-street, Casterton, S-W Victoria, taken over by Thomas William DALE (his nephew), Monumental Mason, Casterton, S-W Victoria, Australia

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 9th August 1917.
Mr W. T. Dale elsewhere announces that he has taken over the business as a Monumental Sculptor that he as hitherto conducted as manager for his uncle, Mr. H. A. Place, and is prepared to supply marble and granite monuments, headstones, church and other memorial tablets in stone, with all accessories and to undertake renovation of existing monuments. etc.
W. T. DALE, Late A. H. Place,
Monumental Sculptor, Jackson Street, Casterton
Marble and Granite Monuments, Headstones, &c.
Public, Church and other Memorial Work
Carried Out and Erected in all parts of the District.
Existing Work Renovated, and Inscriptions Engraved in all Cemeteries.
Wrought and Cast Iron Railings of every Description.
Designs and Estimates Posted Free.

1917 : Hugh Alexander PLACE Monumental Mason of Daylesford, Victoria applied for a mining lease for a granite quarry known as "St. Elmo Granite Quarries" at Wando Vale, near Casterton, S-W Victoria.

"The Casterton Free Press" (Vic.) Monday, 3rd December 1917.
WITHIN Twelve days from the 28th day of November, 1917, I shall lodge with the Secretary for Mines, Melbourne, an application for a Lease, the particulars of which are:--
Name (in full) and address of each applicant.--Hugh Alexander Place, monumental mason, Daylesford.
Name by which mine will be known.--St. Elmo Granite Quarries.
Area.--About two acres.
Whether on or below the surface, or both.--Both.
Full description and precise locality of the land.--In the south-west corner of Allotment 12, Section 5, Parish of Wando, County of Dundas.
Name of each owner and each occupier of the land, so far as applicant has been able to learn.--Owner : John Francis Mullane, of Wando Vale, farmer ; occupier : John Francis Mullane.
Whether the boundaries of the land include any river, creek, deposit of permanent water, spring, or artificial reservoir.--NO.
Nature of proposed mining operations.--Surface quarrying.
Term required.--Fifteen years.
Estimated expenditure.--250.
Metal or mineral to be worked.--Granite.
Where it is private land, state whether a prospecting area is required.--No.
General remarks.--The proposed quarry is situated ten miles from the Casterton Railway Station.
Signature of Applicant.--HUGH ALEXANDER PLACE, by his agent, William Thomas Dale.
Place and Date.--Casterton, December 3rd, 1917.
SILVESTER & SILVESTER, Solicitors for Applicant.

1918 : Hugh Alexander PLACE Monumental Mason of Daylesford, Victoria one of the shareholders listed in the application to register the company known as "St. Elmo Granite Quarries No Liability" located at at Wando Vale, near Casterton, S-W Victoria.

"The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Thursday, 5th December 1918.
I, the undersigned, hereby make APPLICATION to REGISTER "ST. ELMO GRANITE QUARRIES NO LIABILITY" as a no-liability company under the provisions of Part II, of the Companies Act 1915.
1. The name of the company is to be "St. Elmo Granite Quarries, No Liability."
2. The place of operations is at Wando Vale, near Casterton, Victoria.
3. The registered office of the company will be situated at West street, Daylesford.
4. The value of the company's property, including claim, lease, and machinery, is two thousand five hundred pounds (2500).
5. The number of shares in the company is 10,000 of ten shillings each.
6. The number of shares subscribed for is 9,200, five thousand of which, fully paid up to ten shillings per share, are to be issued to the vendors in payment of the property, and four thousand two hundred of which have been issued at five shillings per share.
7. The name of the manager is George William Parker.
8. The names and addresses and occupations of the shareholders and the number of shares held by each at this date are as below:--
Hugh Alexander Place, Raglan street, Daylesford, monumental mason ... 1,200
George William Parker, West street, Daylesford, accountant ... 1,300
Robert William Hinkson, West street, Daylesford, investor ... 1,300
John Powdesta Morris, Vincent street, Daylesford, butcher ... 1,300
John Ford, Porcupine Ridge, near Daylesford, grazier ... 2,500
James Jose, Vincent Street, Daylesford, licensed victualler ... 1,200
Thomas George Place, Raglan street, Daylesford, carter ... 400
George William Parker, West street, Daylesford, accountant (in trust for company) ... 800
Total 10,000
G. W. PARKER, Manager.
Witness--G. Harold Walton, J.P. Dated this 27th day of November, 1918.
1. George William Parker, of West street, Daylesford, in the State of Victoria, accountant, do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that--
1. I am the manager of the said intended company.
2. The above statement is to the best of my belief and knowledge true in every particular; And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of an act of the Parliament of Victoria rendering persons making a false declaration punishable for wilful and corrupt perjury. G. W. PARKER.
Taken before me, at Daylesford in the State of Victoria, the 27th day of November 1918--G. Harold Walton, J.P.

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