George "Geordie" ROBERTSON (1807-1890)
Mary Ann ROBERTSON (1804-1886)

"Warrock" Station (near Casterton), Glenelg River, S-W Victoria, Australia

1807 : George ROBERTSON born in Dundee, Scotland.

George ROBERTSON was born 5 October 1807 in Dundee, Angus [was Forfarshire], Scotland, the son of Samuel ROBERTSON and Jean "Jane" TAYLOR. His obituary in the "Portland Guardian" provides some insight into his early movements....
LATE GEORGE ROBERTSON.- We have been supplied with the following particulars regarding the career of the late Mr. George Robertson, of "Warrock." :--The deceased was a native of Dundee, Scotland, and sailed for Tasmania in the ship Lord Gaderage [sic Goderich], arriving in Launceston in January, 1840. He remained there one month and then came to Portland in the schooner Eagle. Captain Fawthrop, Mr. William Corney also arriving in the same vessel. They landed on the 7th March, 1840. He (Mr. Robertson) then joined his cousin, J. G. Robertson, who took up Wando Vale. He remained with his brother [sic cousin ?] for three years, and then went to manage "Nangeela" station for Mr. Robert Savage, whom he remained 12 months. Deceased then purchased "Warrock" in 1844 from Messrs. Wilmores, of Tasmania, and has occupied the property ever since. The deceased has always taken great interest in public affairs. He was a member of the Glenelg Shire Council for many years, and was a strong supporter of the Casterton Mechanics' Institute, donating the land on which the building is erected and contributed largely to the building fund. He also gave much financial support to the Casterton Episcopalian Church and was always ready to support any worthy public movement.
"Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Wednesday, 22nd January 1890.

1840 : Cousin John George ROBERTSON (1803-1862) took up the "Wando Vale" Pastoral Run.

Pastoral Runs around Muntham John George ROBERTSON (1803-1862) born 1803, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, son of William & Annie ROBERTSON, took up the "Wando Vale" Pastoral Run in March 1840 when he came over to Portland Bay from Van Diemen's land with Dr. Isaac CORNEY and John Frederick CORNEY.

The "Wando Vale" Pastoral Run joined the "Muntham" Pastoral Run taken up by the HENTY Brothers in 1837 and occupied by Edward HENTY and his wife Anna Marie GALLIE. "Muntham" joined the other HENTY family pastoral runs of "Merino Downs", "Sandford" and "Connells Run" as shown on the map on the right. By 1845 Edward HENTY was operating both "Muntham" and "Connells Run" stations.

Before coming to Australia, John ROBERTSON been a botonist and naturalist with an Indian expedition for two years and for seven of the nine years he spent in Van Diemen's Land he managed Formosa Farm for Mr. R. W. LAWRENCE, the botonist. Later he sent from Victoria, dried plants to the herbarium at Kew (England), and before returning to Scotland, where he died in 1862, William MOODIE helped him pack 4000 botanical specimens which he had collected for Kew. He was constantly in correspondence with other botanists and his name is commemorated by "Ranunculus Robertsoni Benth" and "Calochilus Robertsoni Benth".

Stephan Rowan ROBERTSON, sister of John George ROBERTSON who married William CORNEY in 1846, and Mary, who in 1852 married her cousin, George ROBERTSON of "Warrock", Casterton, came from England to Van Diemen's Land in 1840 where they started a millenary business. The sisters came to "Wando Vale" in 1853. Another sister Charlotte ROBERTSON had married John MOODIE in Scotland and they purchased "Wando Dale" Pastoral Run in 1853.

In 1852 John George ROBERTSON married Mary McCONOCHIE from "Konongwootong Creek" Station, near Coleraine but they did not have children.

1840, 7th March : George ROBERTSON arrived at Portland Bay from Van Diemen's Land

His obituary above mentions that George ROBERTSON arrived at Portland Bay from Van Diemen's Land on the schooner "Eagle" and joined his cousin Mr John George ROBERTSON on his "Wando Vale" station, where he remained for three years. He then went to the nearby station of "Nangeela" as manager for 12 months before acquiring the neighboring station of "Warrock" 1844. (see above map of station locations or go to a larger version of the pastoral runs map.)

1844 : George ROBERTSON purchased "Warrock" Station on the Glenelg River

1852 : George ROBERTSON of "Warrock" married Mary Ann ROBERTSON of "Wando Vale" Station

In 1852 George ROBERTSON of "Warrock" married his cousin, Mary Ann ROBERTSON of "Wando Vale" Station, the sister of John George ROBERTSON. They did not have any children.

1886 : Mary Ann ROBERSTON, wife of ROBERTSON of "Warrock" died.

OBITUARY.--We regret having to record the death, at the age of 79, of Mrs. Mary Robertson, wife of Mr. G. Robertson, of "Warrock," near Casterton. The deceased was a sister to Mrs. William Corney, of South Portland. Mrs. Robertson's death was not unexpected, as she has long been suffering, under a painful illness, Her decease occurred on Wednesday last, and the funeral obsequies took place yesterday, the remains being interred in the Casterton cemetery.
"Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 20th August 1886.

1887 : George ROBERTSON of "Warrock" commissioned a monument the be erected in the Old Casterton Cemetery

MONUMENT. - We had the pleasure yesterday of inspecting another finished specimen of the monumental sculptor's art. The work under notice has been executed by Mr. D. Beattie, of this town, to the order of Mr. G. Robertson, of "Warrock," who purposes to erect it to the memory of his wife, Mary Robertson, the lady it will be remembered having departed this life in August of last year. The plinth or sub-base of the monument is of Portland bluestone, a block obtained from the Double Corner, and the finest piece of stone, we are informed, ever quarried at that place, as it weighs fully a ton and half and is entirely free from honeycomb. This sub-base has polished margins bevelled on the top sides, and bruised centres. It forms a worthy pedestal for the elevated work. The base is of polished Aberdeen granite, and moulded, and here it may be remarked that the material from the base upwards is all the blue granite (Aberdeen). Next comes the die or shaft, which is 4ft. 3in. in height, 3ft. wide and a foot thick. This is a fine piece of work, the stone being beautifully polished, with bruised panels, and an ornamental pattern worked in the same manner in the spandrels. The inscription which is sunk and gilded is as follows :--"Sacred to the memory of Mary Robertson, beloved wife of George Robertson. "Warrock," who died 17th August, 1886, aged 79 years. A colonist of 46 years." A moulded cap surmounts the shaft, and the whole is crowned by a draped urn in polished and bruised granite, forming by this method of working so strong a contrast that one would imagine the urn and drapery were composed of different specimens of stone when in reality they are both cunningly cut out of one piece. When erected this handsome monument will stand between 12 and 13 feet high, and though doubtless there may be more elaborate designs at the same time we have no hesitation in saying that a finer piece of workmanship could not be turned out of any monumental mason's yard in the colony.
"Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Wednesday, 7th December 1887.

1890 : George ROBERTSON of "Warrock" died, property left to nephew George Robertson PATTERSON.

ROBERTSON.—On the 15th inst., at Warrock, George Robertson, in his 83rd year.
THE Friends of Mr. GEORGE ROBERTSON are respectfully informed that his remains will be interred at the Old Cemetery, Casterton, THIS DAY, at 2 p.m.
"The Argus" Friday, 17th January 1890 (Deaths & Funerals)
The will of the late Mr George Robertson, of Warrock, near Casterton, sheep farmer, who died on the 15th January, 1889, was lodged in the office of the master in equity yesterday, and it is intended to apply for probate of it on Thursday next. By the will, which was made on the 15th July, 1888 the testator leaves nearly all his property to his nephew, George Robertson Patterson, whom he appoints executor and trustee. The real estate is valued at £56,798 and the personalty at £21,868 making a total of £78,000.
"The Argus" Wednesday, 26th March 1890

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