"The Fields of Coleraine"

Frank Gardiner, 2003

A book on the history of the Coleraine district in south-west Victoria with the title, "The Fields of Coleraine", by Frank Gardener was released in 2003. It is in a hard Cover, glossy paper, A4 size, 335 pages, containing plenty of historical information, photographs and lists of names (eg parliamentarians, War Memorial names, Councillors, Police, Clergy, Origins of street names, floods, fires & droughts, shearing terms, farming terms, etc.) and it includes an event timeline for Coleraine district from 1837-2002/3

Included are colour photographs of some of the significant homesteads in the area: "Tulse Hill", "Muntham", "Murndal", "Winninburn", "Melville Forest", "Konongwootong Creek", "Mt Koroite", "Nareen", "Tooland", "The Wilderness", "Wando Dale", "Gringegalgona".

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