Henry HALEY 1819-1904 & Mary O'LEARY 1838-1917

Maine, North America; Ireland; Hotspur, S-W Victoria, Australia

Henry HALEY b. 1819 Maine, USA married in 1859 at Hotspur, S-W Victoria to Mary O'LEARY b. 1838 Kings Town, Ireland.

They had children in the Geelong & Ballarat areas and both died at Napoleons, near Ballarat, Victoria and are buried in the Rokewood cemetery, south of Ballarat.

Henry HALEY & Mary O'LEARY had the following known children:

  1. Henry HALEY b. 1861, Lethbridge, Vic;
  2. Ann Jane HALEY b. 1863 Dereel, Vic, m. John MOORE;
  3. Elizabeth Emily HALEY b. 1866 Hard Hills, Vic, m. Richard ALLEN;
  4. Mary Matilda HALEY b. 1869 Spring Creek, Vic, m1. William ROOK, m2 ____ JAY;
  5. Catharine HALEY b. 1870, Spring Creek, Vic;
  6. Martha HALEY b. 1872, Whim Holes, Vic;
  7. William HALEY b. 1874, Whim Holes, Vic;
  8. John Thomas HALEY b. 1880, Whim Holes, Vic;
  9. Alexander Leslie HALEY b. 1883, Whim Holes, Vic;

Daryl Povey

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