James Meikle MESSER 1834-1885
Elizabeth FARQUARSON 1844-1920

Edinburgh, Scotland ; Co Galway, Ireland ; "Crawford Station" Hotspur & Portland, S-W Victoria & Western Australia

James Meikle MESSER 1834-1885 was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to Adam MESSER & Jane COCKBURN. He emigrated from Scotland to Victoria sometime before 1865 when he is recorded as acquiring land near Hotspur & Condah in south-west Victoria. By 1868 he is recorded as the proprietor of "Crawford Station" between Hotspur & Condah, S-W Victoria. His elder brother William Cockburn MESSER had arrived in Victoria 1852 and settled as a squatter on "Mepunga," "Bongmire," and "Nigretta Falls" stations on the Wannon river west of Hamilton, S-W Victoria.

Elizabeth FARQUARSON 1844-1920 was born in Co Galway, Ireland, eldest daughter of a family of 11 to John FARQUHARSON & Ann CHRISTOPHERSON, who arrived in Victoria before 1862. Her mother and youngest child died at Emerald Hill (South Melborne), Victoria in 1862.

James Meikle MESSER was married in 1870 in Melbourne to Elizabeth FARQUARSON and had a family of 6 children at "Crawford Station" near Hotspur & Melbourne, Victoria from 1871 to 1878.

James Meikle MESSER advertised his "Crawford" station for sale in 1878...

SATURDAY, 30th NOVEMBER. The Upper Crawford Station, For Sale by Public Auction, at the Victoria Hotel, Hamilton. Sale at Two o'clock.
BREE, DICKENS and Co. have been instructed by J. M. Messer, Esq., to sell by Public Auction on Saturday, the 30th November, at the Victoria Hotel, Hamilton, that valuable and well-kuown Freehold Property, Crawford Station. Within one mile of the Condah Station on the Hamilton and Portland railway.
The property consists of 7771 acres (more or less) freehold, well grassed land, highly improved, and subdivided into eleven paddocks by substantial rail, wire, and log-fencing. There is a comfortable Dwelling-House, and all necessary out-buildings, within four miles of the Condah railway Station ; also a good Woolshed and Sheepwash.
The Stock--consisting of 5000 good Crossbred sheep, including 80 Lincoln rams, and 650 head young Hereford cattle, from one to four years old (including three pure Hereford bulls) and 60 calves. About 100 head of the cattle will be fit for market this summer.
20 Good station Hacks and cart horses.
The station plant is complete and in thorough working order.
There is a good woolshed, excellent hot water and spout sheepwash, an abundant supply of soft swamp water for sheep-washing, overseer's house and garden, boundary rider's and sheep-washer's huts, &c. Terms at sale.
Source : "The Border Watch" (Mount Gambier, SA) Saturday. 2nd November 1878.

Elizabeth MESSER was a music teacher, adevertizing for studnts in Portland in 1882 & 1883 and then opened a school in Portland, S-W Victoria in 1883 as indicated by the following newspaper extracts...

MRS. J. M. MESSER receives Pupils for instruction on the Pianoforte. For terms, apply at the Portland Guardian Office.
"The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Thursday, 28th September 1882.

MRS. J. M. MESSER receives pupils for instruction on the Pianoforte at her residence, Richmond street, Portland.

"The Portland Guardian (Vic.) Saturday, 24th February 1883.

Ladies' School, Portland.
AT the request of several friends and parents, MRS J. M. MESSER will open a SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at her residence, HENTY STREET.
MRS. MESSER will be assisted by an Accomplished Governess.
First Quarter - JANUARY, 1884.

"The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Tuesday, 23rd October 1883.

James Meikle MESSER died in Melbourne, Victoria in 1885.

Elizabeth MESSER had moved c.1895 along with most of her children to Perth, Western Australia where she worked on orgaising the supply of comforts for western Australian troops in the Boer War (1900-1902) and during WW1. Three of her sons served in the Boer war and two of then again served in WW1, with James becoming a Major and being awarded the Military Cross (M.C.). Elizabeth MESSER died at Perth in 1920.

James Meikle MESSER & Elizabeth FARQUARSON had the following family...

  1. Blanche Cockburn MESSER b. 1871, "Crawford Station" Hotspur-Condah, S-W Vic., d. 1934 Melbourne, Vic., m. in 1906 at Perth, Western Australia to Lionel G GOULY 1874-1911 ; No children.

  2. James Farquharson "Jacques" MESSER M.C. b. 1873, "Crawford Station" Hotspur-Condah, S-W Vic., d. 1938 Johannesburg, Transvaaal, South Africa, m. in 1905 at Johannesburg, Transvaaal, South Africa to Sophie de WET of South Africa. ? children.
    • Boer War Service
    • Tpr. 1st Western Australian Contingent
    • Cpl. 1st Western Australian Contingent
    • Lt. 5th Western Australian Contingent
    • WW1 Service
    • Capt. Natal Light Horse Regiment, South Africa
    • Maj. 7th South African Infantry Brigade, South Africa (awarded M.C.)

  3. Kenneth Durwood "Ken" MESSER b. 1875, "Crawford Station" Hotspur-Condah, S-W Vic., d. 1940 Perth, Western Australia, m. in 1914 at Perth, Western Australia to Hilda Maud BURT 1882-1960 ; 3 children.
    • Boer War Service
    • Lt. 2nd Federal Contingent

  4. Arthur Stewart Brunton MESSER b. 1876, "Crawford Station" Hotspur-Condah, S-W Vic., d. 1929 Mac's Hotel, Portland, S-W Vic. ; Single, No children.
    • Boer War Service
    • Tpr. 2nd Western Australian Contingent
    • Tpr. 5th Western Australian Contingent
    • QM Sgt. 2nd Federal Contingent
    • WW1 Service
    • Tpr. 927 10th Light Horse Regiment, AIF

  5. Daughter (stillborn) MESSER 1878, "Springwood" (Bongmire) Station, Wannon, S-W Vic.

  6. Marjorie Farquharson MESSER b. 1880, Melbourne, Vic., d. 1934 Perth, Western Australia, m. in 1911 at Perth, Western Australia to Harold James HAMILTON 1873-1934.

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