William JACKSON / MILLARD 1856-1939 & Sarah Jane Euphrates YEOMAN 1856-1911

Narrawong & Condah, S-W Victoria, Australia

William JACKSON / MILLARD b. 1856 Narrawong, Vic to Thomas JACKSON and Mary Ann JESSUP. Mary Ann JESSUP was married to Thomas JACKSON in Tasmania and John / Thomas ROBSON / ROBINSON before her marriage in 1867 to William MILLARD. William JACKSON took the name William Jackson MILLARD from Mary Ann's third husband William MILLARD.

William Jackson MILLARD was married in 1879 to Sarah Jane Euphrates YEOMAN b. 1856, and they had the following children:

  1. Herbert John MILLARD b. 1880 Narrawong, Vic, d. 1963, Hamilton, Vic, m. Olive VAUGHAN 1888-1976
  2. David MILLARD b. 1882, Narrawong, Vic, d. 1918 Condah, Vic
    • WW1, 1st AIF, enlisted in 1914
    • death resulted from gassing on overseas service in WW1
  3. William Henry MILLARD b. 1883, Narrawong, Vic, d. 1969 Ballarat, Vic, m. Eleanor Mary LUCAS 1885-1970;
  4. Archibald James MILLARD b. 1886, Narrawong, Vic, d. 1888, Heywood, Vic;
  5. Samuel John MILLARD, b. 1886, Narrawong, Vic, d. 1959, Macarthur, Vic, m. Edith Alice BLACK 1889-1955;
  6. Edgar MILLARD, b. 1888, Tyrendarra, Vic, d. 1957 Kyneton, Vic, m. Emily GOSLING 1892-1971;
  7. Archibald James MILLARD, b. 1890, Tyrendarra, Vic, d. 1948, Hamilton, Vic (enlisted in WW1, rejected as medically unfit, Tree No 15 Digby Avenue of Honour)
  8. Ernest MILLARD, b. 1892, Lake Condah, Vic, d. 1943 Melbourne, Vic, m. Tilly MILES;
  9. Mary May MILLARD, b. 1892, Lake Condah, Vic, d. ___, m. David James GREY 1886-1938;
  10. Francis 'Frank' MILLARD, b. 1895, Condah, Vic, d. 1966 Kyneton, Vic, m. Martha ann HINCHCLIFFE 1890-1972;
  11. Robert George MILLARD, b. 1896, Condah, Vic, d. 1966 Macarthur, Vic, m. Mary Louisa EAST 1902-1984;
  12. Elsie Evelyn MILLARD, b. 1902, Condah, Vic, d. 1981 Macarthur, Vic, m. Roy Alfred GOULD 1902-.

William JACKSON / MILLARD 1856-1939 & Janice Constance ANNETT 1889-1984

William MILLARD's first wife Sarah died in 1911 and he then married Janice Constance ANNETT in 1913 and they had the following family:

  1. Maisie Eileen MILLARD b. 1914, Condah, Vic, d. 1987 m. Alfred James DUNBAR 1899-1955
  2. Stella Doreen MILLARD b. 1916 m. John MILLS
  3. Russell Jackson MILLARD b. 1917 m. Betty Alexander
  4. David John MILLARD b. 1919 m. Evelyn LAMPARD
  5. Violet Evelyn MILLARD b. 1921 m. Norman ELLIS
  6. Mabel Florence MILLARD b. 1923 m. Wolfred HARDING
  7. Dulcie Edna MILLARD b. 1926 m. Steve CUTTING
  8. Raymond Stanley MILLARD b. 1928 m.

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