James MOORE 1862-1949 & Emily Sarah HOLMES 1866-1949

Drumborg, Hotspur & Digby, Victoria, Australia

James MOORE b. 1862 Drumborg, Victoria, son of James Thomas MOORE and Marion MORTIMER was married at Frances, South Australia in 1885 to Emily Sarah HOLMES b. 1866, daughter of Henry HOLMES & Ruth CLIMPSON.

James MOORE & Emily HOLMES had the following family:

  1. Francis Henry MOORE b. 1886, Heywood, Vic, m. Ethel Ada PEVITT;
  2. Herbert James MOORE b. 1887, Vic, mar. Mary Ann MATTHEWS;
  3. Ethel Marion Ruth MOORE b. 1889, Heywood, Vic, m. David William WRIGHT;
  4. Arthur George William MOORE b. 1891, Heywood, Vic, m. Priscilla Ruth Carol HOLMES;
  5. George Reuben MOORE b. 1894, Heywood, Vic;
  6. Leslie Raymond MOORE b. 1896, m. Hilda May KING;
  7. Roy Clifford MOORE b. 1898, Heywood, Vic, m. Rita Marie SAUER;
  8. Gordon Henry MOORE b. 1901, Heywood, Vic, m. Mary Margaret POLA;
  9. Harold Victor MOORE b. 1903, Heywood, Vic, m. Trixie BANNAM;
  10. Eileen Sinclair MOORE b. 1907, Heywood, Vic, m. Edward BELL.

Alfred Raymond MOORE (1879-1954) & Catherine Flora McLEAN (1876-1934)

Alfred Raymond MOORE b. 1879 Drumborg, Victoria, son of Jemima MOORE was married at Hotspur in 1900 to Catherine Flora McLEAN b. 1876, Hotspur, Victoria, daughter of Archibald McLEAN & Mary McDONALD.

Alfred MOORE & Catherine McLEAN had the following family:

  1. Lila Victoria Alexandra MOORE b. 1900, Hamilton, Vic, m. Charles Stanley 'Bill' HISCOCK;
  2. Stanley Argyle MOORE b. 1902, Hotspur, Vic, m. May CRAWLEY;
  3. Harold Raymond MOORE b. 1904, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1917, Hotspur, Vic;
  4. William MOORE b. 1906, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1906;
  5. Mary Catherine MOORE b. 1907, Digby, Vic, m. Theodore Roy NOLTE;
  6. Eric Leslie MOORE b. 1909, Digby, Vic, m. Marjorie GATENS;
  7. Melba Flora MOORE b. 1910 Digby, Vic, m. Wilfred McCALLUM;
  8. Jemima MOORE b. 1911 Digby, Vic d. 1911.

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