Neil MURCHISON ~1789-1873
Elizabeth NICHOLSON 1785-1876

Isle of Skye, Scotland ; Branxholme, Digby & Hotspur, S-W Victoria, Australia

Neil MURCHISON c. 1789-1873, b. Isle of Skye, Scotland, son of ........ appears to be the husband of Elizabeth NICHOLSON b. 1786 Isle of Skye, Scotland, daughter of......, and they probaly married on the Isle of Skye abt. 1814.
Neil MURCHISON & Elizabeth NICHOLSON and some of their family members arrived at Portland Bay, Victoria on the "Edward Johnston" in 1854 under the Highland & Island Emigration Scheme (H.I.E.S.) and have many south west Victorian descendants.
Neil MURCHISON died near Macarthur, Victoria in 1873 and his widow Elizabeth at the same place in 1876 and are both buried in the Macarthur cemetery.

Neil MURCHISON & Elizabeth NICHOLSON following known children...

  1. Malcolm MURCHISON c.1818-1897, b. Isle of Skye, Scotland; d. Condah, Victoria, m. Mary McKENZIE c.1825-1874, b. Isle of Skye, Scotland to Charles McKENZIE and Christina McASKILL and they had the following children...
    1. Christina MURCHISON 1854-1933, b. Hotspur, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
    2. Donald MURCHISON 1855-1879, b. Victoria; d. Myamyn, Victoria.
    3. Charles MURCHISON 1856-1945, b. Ballarat, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. 1896 Victoria to Frances Margaret OSBOURNE c. 1868-1902, b. Warrnambool, Victoria; d. Mulwala, NSW.
    4. Elizabeth "Bessie" MURCHISON 1859-1935, b. Ballarat, Victoria; d. Condah, Victroia; m. 1884 to Roderick McLEOD c.1846-1936, b. isle of Raasay, Scotland to Norman McLEOD and Susannah STEWART; d. Condah, Victoria
    5. Annie MURCHISON 1862-1945, b. Victoria; d, Hamilton, Victoria
    6. Christina MURCHISON 1863-1933, b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
    7. Catherine "Kate" MURCHISON 1869-1950, b. Branxholme, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

  2. Catherine MURCHISON b. 1821, Skye, Sct, d. 1873, "Ardgarton" Station, Digby, S-W Victoria, m. Hugh McDERMOTT 1818-1878. Catherine MURCHISON b. 1821 Isle of Skye, dau. of Neil MURCHISON and Elizabeth NICHOLSON. She married Hugh McDERMOTT, b. ca 1840, Isle of Skye, son of John McDERMOTT and Mary McSWEIN. After emigrating the family lived in the Branxholme, Digby, Hotspur area they had eight children. Link to details of their family on a separate page.

  3. Donald William MURCHISON b. 1827, Skye, Sct., d. 1919, Melbourne, Vic., m. Catherine McCLURE 1826-1905. Donald MURCHISON was born 1827 and appears to be another member of this family. He appears to have been married to Catherine McCLURE, b. 1826, daughter of Alexander & Catherine McCLURE and they had the following children...
    1. Alexander MURCHISON b. 1854, d. 1883, Macarthur, Vic;
    2. Donald MURCHISON b. 1858;
    3. Christina MURCHISON b. ca 1860, m. Peter AITKEN;
    4. Mary MURCHISON b. 1861, Kangaroo Station, Vic, m. Prosper Prospect SANDRAL
    5. Neil MURCHISON b. 1863, Kangaroo Station, Vic, d. 1899, Melbourne;
    6. William MURCHISON b. 1867, d. 1930, Melbourne.

  4. Alexander MURCHISON b. 1828, Skye, Sct.,..............?

  5. Kenneth MURCHISON b. 1829, Skye, Sct., d. 1922 Geelong, Victoria, m. Margaret McGILLIVRAY 1824-1914. Kenneth MURCHISON was born ~1829, d. in Geelong in 1922 and appears to be another member of this family. He appears to have been married to Marion McGILLIVRAY, b. 1824, daughter of John McGILLIVRAY and Marion ROBERTSON and they had the following children...
    1. Charlotte MURCHISON b. 1855, Branxholme, Victoria, m. Edward WALPOLE;
    2. Betsy MURCHISON b. c.1856, Branxholme, Victoria, m. Alexander Duncan McDONALD;
    3. John MURCHISON b. 1858, Branxholme, Victoria, d. 1863;
    4. Christina MURCHISON b. 1860, Co. Normanby, Vic, d. 1930, Geelong, Vic.

  6. Mary MURCHISON b. c.1833, Portree, Skye, Sct., m. John Thompson WALPOLE 1826-1927. Mary MURCHISON b. c.1828 Isle of Skye, dau. of Neil MURCHISON and Elizabeth NICHOLSON. She married John Thompson WALPOLE, b. c.1826, Queens Co, Ireland, son of William WALPOLE and Mary THOMPSON. They had the following known children...
    1. Sarah WALPOLE, b. 1860, Hamilton, Vic
    2. Mary Ann WALPOLE, b. 1861, Hamilton, Vic
    3. Elizabeth Harvey WALPOLE, b. 1863, Hamilton, Vic
    4. William WALPOLE, b. 1864, d. 1867, Hamilton, Vic
    5. Alice WALPOLE, b. 1867, Hamilton, Vic
    6. Thomas WALPOLE, b. 1869, Hamilton, Vic
    7. Wilhelmina WALPOLE, b. 1870, Hamilton, Vic
    8. Flornce Maud WALPOLE, b. 1874, Hamilton, Vic
    9. Frances Grace WALPOLE, b. 1876, Hamilton, Vic

NOTE: Three MURCHISON children from one family, probably one of these families, were attending Hotspur School in 1863.

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