Peter WILSON 1855-1927 & Hannah BLACKWOOD 1867-1903

Peter WILSON b. 1855 Scotland, son of John WILSON and Sophia MILLER was married in 1887 in Victoria to Hannah BLACKWOOD b. 1867 Daylesford, Victoria, daughter of James BLACKWOOD and Hannah MICKLEBOROUGH and had the following family:

  1. Hannah WILSON b. 1888, Hotspur, Vic, m. ? FORSTER;
  2. Elizabeth WILSON b. 1889 Apsley, Vic;
  3. Edith Sophia WILSON b. 1891 Apsley, Vic;
  4. Lilian May WILSON b. 1893 Apsley, Vic, m. Robert FINGER;
  5. Peter Leslie WILSON b. 1895 Apsley, Vic, d. 1969;
  6. Percy John WILSON b. 1897 Apsley, Vic;
  7. Clarence James WILSON b. 1899 Apsley, Vic;
  8. Olive Mary WILSON b. 1899 Apsley, Vic.

Daryl Povey

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