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Centenary Celebrations : 1937

1837 Executive Committee

Executive Committee of the 1937 Centenary Celebrations

Back (left to right) : Messrs, J. Harris, E. Deutscher, H. R. Mallett, R. McFarlane, H. Larter & E. E. Cox.

Front (left to right) : Cr. K. D. Lane, Cr. H. D. Mitchell, Mr. C. Coulson (President), Cr. H. J. Northcott & Mr. L. Miller (Secretary).

General Committee of the 1937 Centenary Celebrations

Anderson, Mr. P. C.
Aylmer, Mr. M.
Batstone, Mr. T.
Batstone, Mrs. T.
Boyd, Mr. A. G.
Boyd, Miss. E.
Bryce, Mr. W. R.
Condon, Mr. B.
Cooper, Mt. W. J.
Coulson, Mrs. C.
Cox, Mr. G.
Cox, Mr. A. G.
Coxon, Mr. F.
Davis, Mr. G.
Davis, Mrs. G.
Deutscher, Mr. E. A.
Deutscher, Mrs E. A.
Deutscher, Miss. M.
Elliott, Mr. A.
Enscoe, Mr. H. M.
Enscoe, Mrs. H. J.
Enscoe, Mrs, H. M.
Enscoe, Mrs. L.
Glover, Mr. J.
Glover, Mrs. J.
Glover, Mr. P.
Goode, Mr. E. H.
Greenlaw, Mr. D.
Greenlaw, Mrs. D.
Harris, Mr. C. W.
Harris, Mr. J. E.
Harvey, Mrs. J.
Henry, Mr. H. J.
King, Mr. K.
Kohn, Mr. C.
Kohn, Mrs. H.
Lane, Mr. R.
Lane, Mrs. K. D.
Larter, Mrs. H.
Larter, Mr. H.
McFarlane, Mr. R.
Mallett, Mr. H. R.
Mallett, Mrs. H. R.
Meldrum, Mr. J. B.
Miller, Mr. D.
Nolte, Mr. R.
Northcott, Mrs. H. J.
O'Brien, Mr. J. T.
Parsons, Mr. C. G.
Ross, Mr. D. S.
Seymour, Mr. J. L.
Tait, Mr. B. F.
White, Mrs. P.
Wilde, Mr. E.

A book was produced for the Merino and Henty centenary celebrations in 1937 and you may be fortunate to find one in a second-hand bookstore. The title of the book was:

Historic Souvenir
of the
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and Henty Centenary

November 11th. to 15th., 1937

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