Presbyterian Church, Merino

Services were first held in a room of the Farmer's Arms Hotel and later in the Common School. The present church was built in 1868, when Dr TURNBULL preached the opening sermon. The Rev W.G. GILLESPIE was the first resident minister, and Miss Kate McNICOL (now Mrs SCOTT) was the first to be married in the church. Her father was the late Mr A. McNICOL, who was mailman between Digby and Merino.

Early Ministers were:-Rev W.C. NAISMITH, 1889; Rev Griffiths JONES, 1890; Rev Andrew BARBER, 1899; Rev Sam H. McGOWAN, 1900; Rev WILLIAMS, 1906; Rev T.J. RIDDLE, 1910; Rev J.W. BUCHAN, 1914; Rev J.P. SCHUSSLER, 1918; Rev H. SAW, 1924; Mr J. BOOTH; Mr HEADON; Mr BEESON; Mr BARROW.

Source : "Historic Souvenir of the Back to Merino and Henty Centenary Celebrations", November, 11th to 15th, 1937

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