Merino Park
Southwest Victoria, Australia

The Merino Park was founded in the year 1889, principally through the efforts of the late Jas. TAIT, who took a very lively interest in this town. The park is ideally situated, and contains 16 acres. It is used by the Football and Cricket Clubs, Sporting Committees; the P and A Society also hold their show in the park. The public of Merino and district justly appreciate the efforts of the founder and trustees' forsight in securing such an ideal spot as a recreation ground for the future inhabitants.

Trustees appointed in 1889 were W.H. BLACKBURN, H. KOHN, junr., R. FULTON, B. FORD, T.E. SILVESTER, G. NORTHCOTE, junr., W.C. TAIT, and W. ENSCOE, junr. The late Mr BLACKBURN was secretary for many years, and took a great interest in the planting of trees in the park. Later, Mr T.D. CLARKE was secretary till he moved to Grassdale in the year 1930, when the present secretary, Mr G.B. SILVESTER was appointed.

On the occasion of the Coronation of Kung George VI and Queen Elizabeth, May 12th, 1937, trees were planted for (the King), by B.F. TAIT; (the Queen), Miss B. TAIT; (Mr W.H. BLACKBURN), by Mrs N. McPHEE; (The Citizens), by T.D. CLARKE, aged 90; (Park Trustees), H. KOHN; (Treeplanters), Mrs H.R. MALLETT.

Present Trustees:-Messrs H.M. ENSCOE, H. KOHN, H.J. HENRY, H.R. MALLETT, A.C. ROSS, G.B. SILVESTER, B.F. TAIT.

"Historic Souvenir of the Back to Merino and Henty Centenary Celebrations",
November, 11th to 15th, 1937

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