Merino WW1 Soldiers' Memorial Trees

Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

Arbor Day at Merino. Fixed for Saturday Next.

A meeting of the Merino State School Committee was hold on Wednesday, June 12th, all the members being present. It was decided to hold Arbor Day on Saturday, 22nd instant, where there should be a large attendance of the public, as it is proposed to plant a row of trees round the School ground in honor of the soldiers who attended the school. A list of the soldliers is being prepared and it is expected to reach nearly 60. Trees have been ordered from the State nursery and Mr C. Johnson, of Hamilton, and a good variety will be planted. The parents are to be asked to provide afternoon tea.
Source : "The Casterton News and the Merino and Sandford Record" (Vic.) Thursday, 20th June 1918.

Soldiers' Memorial Trees. Planted at Merino.

Saturday last was, in reality, Arbor Day for the Merino State School, when the School Committee, assisted by other willing helpers, planted 64 trees in the school ground to the memory of former scholars of the Merino School who have enlisted itn the A.I.F., for service abroad.
The trees consisted of varieties of eucalyptus, English oak, elms, wattles and Lambertonias. It was a heap of work to have so many holes sunk and guards erected in one afternoon, but the work was carried out very expeditiously by the industrious workers who had assembled. The guards will, in due course, be inscribed with the names respectively of those for whom the trees stand in memory.
The idea of tree planting under these circumstances is considered a very happy one, for besides being a tribute to the brave boys who have enlisted, they also help most effectively to beautify the school grounds.
After the work of tree planting was concluded, a number of lady and gentleman visitors, with the workers, were entertained in the Rotunda with afternoon tea. This important function being well and truly attended to, Mr. J. McCoy, the head teacher, addressed the assemblage, expressing his pleasure at seeing such a large gathering, and congratulated the many workers upon the efficient manner in which the work was carried out. He cordially thanked both lady and gentleman workers for their valuable co-operation and assistance in carrying out the day's programme so effectively. He then read the names of those who were commemorated by the trees, afterwards explaining that the trees were evergreens, and an imperishable tablet would be attached to each. He impressed upon those interested to attend to and look after their particular tree, especially in the summer time, and concluded with special thanks to Mr J. Harrison, the supervisor of the work that day. (Loud cheers.)
The Rev. J. A. MacQueen and Mr R. Dunstan also spoke, and endorsed Mr. McCoy's remarks upon the beauty and usefulness of tree-planting in general, on this occasion in particular, which combined the grand sentiment of honoring those who, educated at the Merino State School, had gone to fight their country's battle. Both speakers warmly congratulated the School Committee and all the workers for carrying out the day's arrangements so effectively.
Mr H. Wood, on behalf of the Australian Natives' Association, also thanked the School Committee for their happy idea of keeping in memory the many Merino scholars who had gone to the front, as well as the beautifying of the school property, which would be the outcome of that day's proceedings.
The following are the names of the Merino State School scholars who have enlisted and in whose honor the trees were planted in the school grounds :-- H. Aisbett, T. Byrnes, F. Buckle, R. Buckle, W. Buckley, T. Buckley, A. Blackburn, W. Birchell, J. Campbell, C. Campbell, G. Clarke, R. Corteen, M. Cronin, T. Davis, H. Davis, J. Davis, A. Dean, N. Dickman, R. Elliott, A. Edwards, G. Elson, J. Elson, E. Fitzgibbon, C. Fitzgibbon, J. Fitzgibbon, K. Flowers, G. Fahey, R. Green, C. Grant, W. Heazleward, S. Jenkins, S. Kohn, J. Kohn, V. King, C. King, H. Lane, A. Lane, L. McCormick, Neil McIntyre, L. McPherson, J. McDonald, C. McRae, R. McCabe, A. McAnally, C. Miller, F. Miller, F. J. Meldrum, J. Meldrum, J. Mallett, J. Mutch, J. McAlpine, C. Mills, Nurse S. Meade, Nurse G. McIntyre, Nurse J. McIntyre, H. Northcott, G. O'Laughlan, H. O'Laughlan, N. Pickett, W. Ross, D. Ross, G. Richards, G. Scarborough, W. Tieman, G. Tieman, S. Whitehetad, D. Woodstock.
Source : "The Casterton News and the Merino and Sandford Record" (Vic.) Thursday, 27th June 1918.

Merino Roman Catholic Church Soldiers' Memorial Trees.

Fourteen wattle trees were planted in the Merino Roman Catholic Church grounds on Saturday afternoon in honor of the members who had enlisted from that Church. A large number of the members of the Church met to do honor to the occasion, and afternoon tea was kindly dispersed by the ladies. The following soldiers were memorialized, viz., Thomas Byrnes, Roy Byrnes, W. C. Buckley, Thomas Buckley, J. Donohue, A. Elliott, E. Fahey, P. Hayes, James Hurley, Edward McCabe, William Tieman, Gerald Sylvester, and Dr. W. A. Morton.
Source : "The Casterton News and the Merino and Sandford Record" (Vic.) Thursday, 25th July 1918.

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