"Sandford Inn" or "Sandford Hotel"
1856 : Sandford on the Wannon
Glenelg & Wannon Region, South West Victoria, Australia
1856 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Monday, 29th September 1856.


We hear there are two parties about to erect an Inn at Sandford on the Wannon. One of these we have already named is Mr Walker, formerly of the Commercial Inn Portland. The other is Mr Grant of the Woodford Inn Glenelg. The allotments which were sold at the late Land Sale, held at Casterton were run up to a high figure--from 8 an acre the upset price, up to 50 an acre. The prospect of business for a Public house at that spot must be very bright to warrant that competition for the land, and the business.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 20th March 1857.

CASTERTON.--At the Petty Sessions, on Wednesday, Mr. Thomas Walker applied for a license for the Sandford Hotel, on the Wannon. Granted.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 1st May 1857.
CASTERTON. --- A Court of Petty Sessions for the granting of Publicans Licenses was held on the 28th inst, before Mr. Fetherstonshaugh, P.M.
  • George Chaffey, Glenelg Inn, Granted.
  • Thos. Walker, Sandford Hotel --do--
  • Charles Payne, Koroite Hotel --do--
  • Michael Spring, Border Inn, --do--
  • Joseph Joyce, Woolpack Inn, Digby granted.
  • Frederick Ford, Farmers Arms, Merino granted.
  • William Buckle, Digby Hotel, postponed for 14 days, for not applying in time.
  • There was one charge of drunkenness disposed of. The defendant was bound over to keep the peace for 12 months.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 8th May 1857.
At a meeting of the Licensed Publicans at the Sandford Inn, Wannon Bridge, on Tuesday, April 20th, T. H. Clarke in the chair ; Stated the object of the meeting was, in consequence of the continuance of thi L.100 license. He stated the publicans in the bush were even more oppressed than those in towns, their houses being almost closed during the winter seasons, and their establishments having to be kept up the same as summer. He called their attention to the movements already made by the Publicans in Portland, and urged them to be stirring, and to use their immnediate exertions to remedy the grievance, and take such steps as might be necessary to secure their uture interest.
It was proposed by Mr. Grant, and seconded by Mr. Ford, that the present license (L.100) is unjust to the Publicans, and injurious to the peace and well-being of Society, by the encouragement given to sly-grog selling, and the consequent vices thereon.. Carried.
It was proposed by Mr. Joyce, seconded by Mr. Walker, that a memorial be drawn and submitted to the approval of the Publicans in the bush, throughout the Counties of Normanby, Dundas, and Follett, and afterwards forwarded to Edward Henty, Esq., the Hon. member for Normanby, to present in the Legislative Assembly, calling upon the Hon. member for Dundas and Follett to support the same. Carried.
The following is a copy of the Petition agreed to.
"To The Honourable the Legislative Assembly Assembled of the colony of Victoria in Parliament Assembled.
"The humble petition of the undersigned licensed publicans in the counties of Normanby, Dundas and Follett.
"That your petitioners are labouring under heavy expenses in keeping houses of entertainmuent in the bush for the accommodation of travellers, while during one half of the year the traffic is almost entirely stopped owing to the wet weather and badness of the roads.
"That your petitioners have learned with regret that it is the intention of the present government to continue the L.100 license fee although it was intimated at the commencement of the present session of parliamont that it was to be reduced to L.25.
"Your petitioners therefore humbly pray your Honourable House that this unjust tax may have your early consideration so as to render protection to the Licensed Victuallers and to remedy the grievances complained of and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray, &c., &c.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Monday, 1st June 1857.

Tuesday, 23rd June, 1857. 1st Race. SILVER CUP.--Heats.
For all hacks that have never won over 10.l. public money. Five to start or no race.
2nd Race. LADIES' GOLD WATCH. Heats--Four to start, or no race.
3rd Race. GENT's HOG-SKIN SADDLE, one event.
Entries to be made at Mr. Thos. WALKER'S, Sandford.

1857 : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 11th September 1857.

PUBLIC HOUSE TRANSFER.--Mr. Wadley of this town has made a purchase from Mr. Walker of Sandford, of the Sandford Inn on the Wannon. We have heard the figure, named at 1800.

1918 : "The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 23rd December 1918.

MONDAY, 30th DECEMBER, 1918.
At 1.30 p.m. Sharp.
On the Property.
Important Genuine Clearing Sale
Land with Hotel Buildings,
4-Roomed Cottage and Out buildings,
And the Complete and Extensive Stock of
Furniture, Fittings & Plant
In connection with the Hotel Business.

P. Learmonth and Co.
In Conjunction with
D. W. Brock,
Have received instructions from Meesrs J. and G. FITZGERALD to Sell as above. In consequence of the decision of the Licenses Reduction Board, these premises will be delicensed as from January 1st, 1919, and everything is therefore for Positive and Unreserved Sale.
Lot 1.--All that piece of LAND in the Parish of Sandford, having a frontage of 100 feet (more or less) to the Casterton-Merino road, with a depth of 172 feet, upon which is erected a Brick Building, known as the Sandford Hotel. Improvements consist of a 2-storied Brick Building, Outbuildings, Underground Tank.
Lot 2.--All that piece of LAND adjoining Lot 1, In the Parish of Sandford, having a frontage of 76 feet (more or less) to the Casterton-Merino road, with a depth of 165 feet, upon which is erected a 4-roomed W.B. Cottage, with all necessary Outbuildings.
Terms for Land :--10 per cent. deposit at Signing of Contract ; 25 per cent. at Date of Possesslon ; Balance 1 and 2 years at 6 per cent.
Hotel Plant.
1 Standard Alcock Billiard Table, with Snooker Set and all accessories complete ; 1 Standard Fallshaw Billiard Table, with Snooker Set ; Acetylene Plant ; Soda and Soft Drinks Machine ; Bar Counter ; Beer Pumps ; Cash Register ; Iron Safe ; Ice Chest ; quantity Lemonade and Empty Bottles ; Flasks ; Jars; Taps ; Corks ; Boxes ; etc., etc.
1 Bingle Buggy, good order.
1 Buggy Horse, 8 years, quiet.
Pigs and Poultry.
PARLOURS AND COMMERCIAL ROOMS.--Complete furnishing, including Gerhardt Piano, Suite Furniture, Cheffonieres, Sideboards, Tables, Chairs, Mirrors, Pictures, Gramophone (with 30 records), also splendid lot of Room and Passage Linoleums.
BEDROOMS.--Complete Furniture of 8 Bedrooms, includling, Double, Three-quarter and Single Beds, Spring Mattresses, Wardrobes, Duchess Chests, Washstands and Ware, Mirrors, Curtains, Mattresses, Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Towels, Linoleums. etc.
DINING ROOM AND KITCHEN.--Complete Furniture for Hotel Dining Room and Kitchen, consisting of large Dresser, Tables, Chairs, Pictures, Linoleum, large amount of Glasses, Ornaments, Dishes, Crockery, Toilet Covers, Safes, Fountain, Kettle, Saucepans, Churn, Separator, Singer Sewing Machine, and large quantity of Cutlery.
SHEDS AND STABLES.--Copper, Tubs, Wringer, Boilers, Lamps, Matting, Piping, Barrels, Scales, Jars, quantity Timber, Shovels, Rakes, Gardening Tools, quantity Chaff, Bags, Winkers, Horse Collars, Forks, Stable Lamps, complete set Buggy Harness, etc., etc.
All the above are in splendid condition.

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