Patrick HEANEY c.1839-1919
Hanora "Nora" QUINN c.1844-1880

Tipperary & Clare, Ireland ; Sandford, s-W Victoria, Australia

Patrick HEANEY b. c.1839, Tipperary, Ireland (appears to be the son of Patrick HEANEY and Hannah BARAGHA) was married in 1867 at "Muntham" Station, S-W Victoria to Hanora "Nora" QUINN, b. c1844, Co Clare, Ireland, daughter of John QUINN and Mary KILLEEN. Patrick may be a brother of James HEANEY 1832-1905 of Merino.

The family appears to have lived at Henty or Sandford, S-W Victoria after arriving from Ireland.

Patrick and Nora died in 1919 and 1880 respectively, and they were buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Patrick HEANEY & Hanora "Nora" QUINN had the following known family:

  1. Mary Helena HEANEY b. 1868, Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. 1933, Beechworth, Victoria. Appears to be the Mary HEANEY who signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition in Casterton.
  2. Winifred HEANEY b. 1871, Casterton, S-W Victoria, .......?......
  3. Nora HEANEY b. 1872, Casterton, S-W Victoria, ......?......
  4. John Patrick HEANEY b. 1878, Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. 1951, Melbourne, Victoria.
    • enlisted WW1, 21 Aug 1914, Accountant of Melbourne
    • served as Pte 91, 6th Battalion, AIF
    • landed ANZAC 25th April 1915
    • Wounded ANZAC 14th Jul 1915
    • served with AIF Headquarters, London, promoted to WO Class 1
    • RTA 26 Dec 1919
    • Named on Henty SS Honour Roll

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