William McINNES 1833-1930, b. Isle of Skye, Scotland
Mary McINNES 1829-1900, b. Isle of Skye, Scotland

of Isle of Skye, Scotland; Geelong, Ballarat, Clunes & Sandford, Victoria & Cowra, NSW, Australia

William McINNES b. 1833, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland, son of Alexander McINNES & Marion "Sarah" NICHOLSON. William arrived at Geelong, Victoria, Australia with his parents and 7 siblings on the "Araminta" in 1852.

Mary McINNES b. ~1829, Isle of Skye, Scotland, daughter of Ewan McINNES & Marion ROBERTSON. Mary arrived at Geelong, Victoria, Australia with 3 siblings on the "Georgiana" in 1852.

William McINNESS married Mary McINNES in 1858 at Irish Town, Geelong, Victoria and in 1880 had a number of children in the Geelong, Ballarat and Clunes districts up until 1866. From 1868 to 1872 the family was in the Casterton and Sandford area in the south west of state where two more children were born. His younger brother Donald McINNES was also at Sandford in 1880, perhaps William was still here. It is unclear whether they were in the Sandford area for long before the family moved to the Cowra area of NSW where they appears to have been involved in farming and gold mining.

William's wife Mary McINNES died at Cowra, NSW in 1900.

William McINNES & Mary McINNES had the following family...

  1. Hugh McINNES, b. 1859, Buninyong, Victoria, d. 1932, Sydney, NSW., m. 1889 to Caroline WATKINS 1862-1926.
  2. Samuel McINNES, b. 1860, Connewarre (nr Geelong), Victoria, d. 1861.
  3. Samuel N McINNES, b. 1862, Buninyong, Victoria, d. 1914, Cowra, NSW., m. 1896, Cowra to Mary GRAY ~1871-1948.
  4. Donald McINNES, b. 1863, Tourello (Clunes-Learmonth), Victoria, d. 1905, Cowra, NSW., m. 1890 at Cowra to Margaret A McCLYMONT 1866-1896.
  5. Alexander McINNES, b. 1865, Tourello (Clunes-Learmonth), Victoria, ..............?
  6. Duncan McINNES, b. 1866, Clunes, Victoria, d. 1949, Orange, NSW., m. 1901 Molong, NSW to Mary Ann BOTTOM 1879-1976.
  7. Lachlan McINNES, b. 1868, Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. 1951, Cowra, NSW., m. 1893 Cowra, NSW to Charlotte Sheppard HEATH 1874-1969.
  8. Marion "Sarah" McINNES, b. 1872, Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. 1960, Sydney, NSW. Unmarried.

Mary Ann HOLT 1861-1918, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria

In 1903 William McINNES remarried, this time to Mary Ann HOLT, who had been born at Sandford, S-W Victoria in 1861 where her father John HOLT was the first teacher. They lived in Geelong until Mary Ann died there in 1918 and William also died there in 1930 at the age of 97 years. William and his 2nd wife Mary are both buried in the Geelong Eastern cemetery. There was no issue from the second marriage.

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