Sandford on the Wannon
Timeline of Events
Glenelg & Wannon Region, S-W Victoria, Australia

1836, August - Major Thomas MITCHELL and his survey party travelled down the Glenelg River just to the west of the present settlement of Sandford. He referred to this area as "Australia Felix".

1837 - The first settlers in the area were the squatters and the first Pastoral Runs around Sandford and their occupiers were...

  • "Connell's Run" - HENTY Bros. (1837), James CONNELL (1841), Edward HENTY (1844)
  • "Merino Downs" - HENTY Bros., 1837
  • "Muntham" - HENTY Bros., 1837
  • "Sandford" - HENTY Bros., 1837 (became known as "Sandford House" and taken over by John HENTY in 1842 until 1847)
  • "Runnymede" - J G & D HUTCHESON, 1846
  • "Spring Bank" - John McPHERSON, 1841

1839, March 18th: Charles BONNEY and a party of 10 men, 2 black boys, 2 drays and 300 head of cattle belonging to Mr. Joseph HAWDON, who followed later in a horse & gig with Lt Alfred MUNDY, left HENTY's cattle station at the junction of the Glenelg & Wannon rivers and passed about 30 miles north of Mount Gambier and became the first group to make the overland journey from Port Phillip to Adelaide via the Glenelg & Wannon.

1839, August 17th - "South Australian Register" 17 Aug 1839 - ARRIVAL OF Mr. HAWDON OVERLAND-CARRIAGE ROAD TO PORT PHILLIP. We have the satisfaction to announce the arrival from Port Phillip, via Portland Bay and the Glenelg, of our esteemed friend, Mr. Joseph Hawdon, to whom, in conjunction with Mr. Bonney, the province of South Australia is indebted for first opening the route overland to New South Wales. Mr. Hawdon, accompanied by Lieutenant A. M. Mundy, late of the 21st Regiment, drove the whole way in a light tandem!
"My friend Lieutenant A. M. Mundy, late of the 21st Regiment, and myself, accompanied by one servant, left Melbourne on the 12th of July, and arrived at Adelaide on the 12th of August, driving a tandem the full distance. Having occasion to pass Mount Macedon, we made a detour of nearly one hundred miles. The full distance on the route we came was computed at about six hundred miles. On leaving the Glenelg river, near the junction of Wannon, we steered our course to the lake bearing my name, discovered by Mr. Bonney, and from thence over the sandy country to the junction of the Murray river with lake Alexandrina. About thirty miles N.N.W. of the Glenelg river, at the junction of the Wannon, we discovered a fresh water lake, which I called lake Mundy. Although surrounded by a barren country, it is of immense importance to parties who may require to send stock to this province, fresh water being so very scarce on this route. The journey was performed without the slightest interruption from the natives, who are not by any means numerous on this route..

1841 - Edmund MORTON of "Morton's Run" and his servant William LAWRENCE were killed by aborigines, reported to have occured in the bush near the junction of the Glenelg and Wannon Rivers.

1841, Dec - 1852, Jan - John McPHERSON occupied "Springbank" Pastoral Run until Jan 1852, after the lapse of "Morton's Run" with the death of Edmund MORTON in 1841. William McEACHERN appointed as manager.

1842 - John HENTY took over "Sandford House" Pastoral Run after the HENTY Bros. partnership was dissolved.

1846-1866 - HUTCHESON Bros. occupied "Runnymede" Pastoral Run.

1847 - John HENTY sold "Sandford House" to Samuel & William JACKSON of Melbourne. Their nephew John Henry JACKSON came to Sandford to manage "Sandford House" for his uncles and remained until his death in February, 1915.

1852-1854 - Samuel Proudfoot HAWKINS took over "Spring Bank" Pastoral Run until Jan 1852.

1854-1862 - Edmund KIRBY took over "Spring Bank" Pastoral Run until 1862.

1856 - Sandford was surveyed and the first land sales conducted.

1856 - Store opened by Charles GRINHAM.

1856 - "Sandford Hotel" built by Joseph HAGGESTTON & Thomas WALKER, licensed in March, 1857.

1856-1857 - "Caledonian Union Hotel" built by John Scott GRANT, licensed in December, 1856.

1857 - James Bonwick on his horseback ride travelled north through Sandford and recorded...

Sandford, on the Wannon, eighteen miles north of Digby, promises to be a flourishing place, though its first sale took place but a year ago. It is situated at the end of one of the richest flats of the rich Wannon country. I was delighted enough to drop off the gravel plateau into the sweet vales of this lovely ditrict. Much of this being cut up for sale, and the proximity to Ararat will give an excellent market to the farmers. The drawback of the place is the brackish character of the water of the Wannon in summer. Wells, however, can be sunk on the plain. I noticed one of nineteen feet in depth, passing through four feet of good black soil, and the rest of yellow clay on to gravel. Two handsome hotels are already up in prospect of a population; one of these, Grants' "Caledonian Union" cost 5000 in erection. Both landlords subscribed liberally to put up a school.

1857, September - "Sandford Hotel" purchased by Mr WADLEY of Portland from Mr WALKER.

1858 - John NICHOLLS purchased land fronting the Casterton to Portland Road and built a new stone store by 1859.

1858, March - Sandford & Merino land titles listed in the Victorian Government Gazette. Sandford names were - Jackson, J. H.; Nicholls, J. T.; Mappison, Henry; Grinham, Charles; Grinham, Isreal; Cox, John; Shaw, Thomas; Cox, Charles; Crouch, James; Radford, Caleb; Leonard, William; Haggestton, Joseph; Cue, George; Jackson, J. H.; Walker, Thomas; Bennett, Henry; Emmerson , Robert; Jackson, James; Davidson, Alexr.

1859 - Inquest into the death of Charles GREENHAM, 67y, at Sandford. Coroner - Caleb RADFORD; Surgeon - Thomas WYLY; Jurors - James ASHLEY, Robert JOHNSON, Paul WILSON, John STEWART, George LAWLER, Israel GRINHAM, John GRANT, Thomas NUGENT, Joseph PERRY, Henry ROBERTSON, John Thomas NICHOLLS; Witnesses - James ASHLEY, Susan ASHLEY, Charles GRINHAM, Thomas WYLY.

1860, November 12th - Elijah HANDLEY, Blacksmith, aged 37y, seriously injured when run over by his cart at Sandford after the horse stumbled and he fell, he died two days later leaving a wife and young family).

1861, January 25th - The Church of England opened the first school at Sandford, the teacher was Mr HOLT. It became Common School No. 576, Sandford with teacher Caleb RADFORD, son of Dr. Caleb RADFORD from 1862-1867. This school was located on the hill south of the township on the corner of the Portand road and Bahgallah road and operated until 1875.

1862-1869 - W H TUCKETT took over "Spring Bank" Pastoral Run until 1869.

1862, May 14th - Casterton Racing Club : The Great Western Steeplechase of 100 Sovs. was run at Sandford as part of a two day racing programme with Day 1 at Sandford and Day 2 at Casterton. The Great Western Steeplechase, usually run at Coleraine, was run for one year at Sandford. The two courses were said to be very similar. "Condaminer" in "The Brisbane Courier," 1923, Queensland wrote...
"...It was proposed that the Great Western should be run alternated at Coleraine and Sandford, but it was run at Sandford once only. I never heard why it was not run there again, as the courses were almost identical. Both townships were built on small plains between the stream and the hills, with small paddocks running up the hill sides. The course was about three miles, over 27 jumps, of all sorts, from single rail to palings and hedges, with some very close doubles, and was, I suppose, the nearest thing to the old "point to point" run in Australia...."

1863, January 21st - a branch of the Ancient Order of Foresters (AOF) was started at Sandford and had 80 members by July of that year.

1863, July 26th - Henry BEST drowned while attempting to cross a creek just north of Sandford. Inquest held at Sandford. Jurors - James ANDERSON, John GRIFFIN, Charles GRINHAM, John KERR, Walter SMELLIN, David LEE, Donald ROSS, Patrick WILLIAM, Simon ANDERSON, Thomas SHAW, William STORIE, William SQUIRES.

1863, November - Charles GRINNHAM offered for sale the "Sandford Hotel", adjoining house, forge & blacksmith's shop.

1864, July 14th - the first meeting of the Council of the Shire of Glenelg was held at Sandford and it continued to meet there until January 11th, 1866 after which it met at Casterton. The meetings were in a cottage owned by Charles GRINHAM.

1865, September - Isabella McLENNAN appointed Work Mistress at Sandford Common School No. 576. In January 1868, Thomas Owen EVANS was Head Teacher.

1865, September 16th - "Tommy Woolshed" an aboriginal was killed at Sandford and arrest warrants were issed for Jemmy POWER (aged 30y), Little Barney (aged 20y) & Old Peter (aged 40y), all aboriginals.

1866 - Catholic Church opened in Sandford.

1867 - General Store opened by William LAYLEY a shoemaker from Berkshire who had arrived at Sandford in 1866.

1867 - James BLACK, aged 50y, from Perthshire, Scotland, died at "Runnymede" station.

1868, January - Thomas Owen EVANS was Head Teacher and Janet LANE appointed Work Mistress at Sandford Common School No. 576.

1870, January 23rd - "Sandford Hotel" burnt, licensee was George SOUTHERN. "A great fire occurred, in Sandford yesterday, Sunday forenoon, Southern's Hotel and Harris' Store destroyed. The whole township at one time was in great danger, a hot strong wind blowing. Anderson's and Lesser's houses caught fire, but through the activity of the crowd the flames were extinguished. J. Jackson, Esq., J.P., distinguished himself by his gallant counduct, and had it not been for him no doubt a larger amount of property would have been destroyed. As I hear that an inquiry will be made respecting the fire I will not add any remarks." Source - "Portland Guardian & Normanby General Advertiser.

1870, November - The Portland correspondent of the Hamilton Spectator gives some particulars of the intended foundation of a new township on the private land of Mr. E. Henty, midway between Casterton and Sandford. It appears that Mr. Henty wishes to hand down his name to posterity as the pioneer settler of Victoria, and this is his method he has chosen. He intends to erect a steam flour-mill, church, school, and other buildings, also to cut up the surrounding land into l00-acre farms, and, after building a comfortable residence on each holding, he will lease the farms to occupants at a moderate rental. The soil being of the best quality, there is likely to be no lack of tenants. Source - "The Argus" Tuesday, 8th November 1870.

1871 - a steam driven flour mill was constructed at Sandford by the MILLER Bros. from Coleraine. The mill was purchased in 1872 by Peter LEARMONTH of Hamilton. The mill lease was taken over by John HOLMES in 1874 and in 1888 the HOLMES Brothers (John, George & William) purchased the mill.

1872, February 19th - a branch of the Independent Order of Rechabites Lodge was formed at Sandford and named The Sandford and Wannon (No. 178) Tent of I. O. Rechabites.

1872, July 17th - a branch of the Lodge of Good Templars was formed at Sandford.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Hamilton, Vic.) Saturday, 20th July 1872.
CASTERTON. (From Our Own Correspondent.) July 18.
A lodge of Good Templars was opened last evening in Sandford, by Lieutenant Commander Jennings, the special deputy for the Western district.

1872, September - a new store was under construction at Sandford for Allan LOVELL and William BOND. In December it was damaged in a storm.

1872, September 6th - The Sandford Amateur Minstrels gave their first performance in Nicholls Hall at Sandford, then a few days later at Digby.

1872, October 23rd - "The new Sandford bridge over the Wannon was opened in the middle of last week. It is a very good piece of work, and reflects much credit on the contractor, Mr. H. A. M'Lean. The old bridge that had been quite unsafe lately, is now being removed." [Source "The hamilton Spectator)

1872, December 17th - For Sale by Mortgagee : Sandford Flour Mills, recently erected, sale at 12 o'clock at McLEAN's Sandford Hotel.

1873, November 20th - a new school was recommended for Sandford by District Inspector BRODRIBB, to replace the original Common School No. 576 which commenced in 1861.

1873, January 14th - Richard "Dick the Bricky" EDWARDS, brick maker, single, aged ~30y with relatives in Adelaide, was murdered at Sandford after leaving H. A. McLEAN's "Sandford Hotel" in the early hours of the morning.

1873, April 16th - Sandford Police Station opened, Foot-constable Cornelius HEFFERNAN from Belfast (Port Fairy) in charge.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Wednesday, 23rd April 1873.
CASTERTON. (From Our Own Correspondent.) April 21.
The new police station at Sandford was opened on Friday, in a two-storied house of Mr. Nicholl's, and which has had a kitchen added to it. The place makes, for hired premises, suitable quarters, and although not quite centrally situated, will suit the purposes required anyhow, for some time. A wooden lock-up will shortly arrive in pieces, and be put up. The foot constable in charge of the station is Mr. C. Heffernan, late of the Belfast station, and said to be a smart hand. He certainly seems a match for half a dozen of the Sandfordites, or some of those visitors to the village. I was over there on Sunday, and could not help remarking the orderly state of the place, as compared with previous visits, when horse-racing and rowdyism were more the rule than the exception. The dread of the "man in blue" will, no doubt, have a healthy effect on all whom it may concern.

1873, May 17th - The foundation stone for the Independent Order of Rechabites' Hall was laid by William LAYLEY at Sandford.

1874, February 26th - a brick hall for the Independent Order of Rechabites was opened at Sandford after construction by the Merino building form of Heinrich KOHN & Malcolm CAMPBELL. It was later purchased by the AOF which had formed in 1863 and became known as Foresters' Hall.

1875, January 1st - Sandford details from the Portland Almanac.

A Post Town, County of Normanby, on the Wannon, near its junction with the Glenelg ; 3 miles from Casterton, 10 from Merino, and 58 from Portland ; with 500 inhabitant. Postmaster, J. Andison ; Magistrate, J. H. Jackson, Esq.
Churches.--Church of England. Rev. H. M'Farlane ; Presbyterian, Rev. W. J. Gillespie ; Wesleyan. Rev. A. O. Knee ; Roman Catholic, Rev. M. Finlay, and Rev. P. Cavanagh.
Registrar.--J. Andison, Births, Deaths, Marriages.
Societies.--A. O. Foresters : J. S. Anderson, C.R. ; H. Lavery. Sec. I.O. Rechabites : H. Lavery, C.R. ; T. Somerville, Sec. I.O.G. Templars : H. Lavery, W.C.I. ; J. Holmes, Sec.
State School.--H. Wilson, master.
Hotels.--Sandford, H. A. M'Lean ; Commercial, W. Bond ; Caledonia, J. S. Grant.
Steam Four Mill.--John Holmes.
Blacksmiths.--J. Andison and H. Lavery.
Halls.--Rechabite, and Nicholls'.
Source : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 1st January 1875.

1875, November 1st - The new brick Sandford School No. 1654, replacing the original Common School No. 576, opened on a new triangular site bounded by the Portland road and Burke street, in the heart of the township with 56 pupils enrolled. The Head Teacher was Richard WILSON.

1877, May 7th - The annual show of the Merino, Sandford and Casterton Pastoral and Agricultural Society was held on Thursday last, at Grant's Hotel. There was a goodly number of exhibits, and the attendance was large. The weather was everything that could be desired. After the show there was a dinner ; and to finish up there was the inevitable "ball."
The weather for some time past has been exceedingly dry, and farm work has consequently been delayed. However, the welcome downpour on Friday night, and the occasional showers since, have made up in some measure for the past dryness. Sandford now possesses one of those necessary adjuncts to civilization, a lockup. A portable "cage" has been erected at the police station, and "old offenders" had better beware.
Friday next will, no doubt, be a lively day. A good deal of interest is evinced in the election, but I cannot offer any speculation as to our future member.
Our local library in the Forester's Hall seems to be very well patronised, and I believe that a Government grant has been made to it. There is at present a good number of books available ; and as most of the principal papers are taken in the Reading Room ought to be a success. Ref : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Friday, 11th May 1877.

1879, January 24th - tenders closed for the "constructing a line of electric telegraph" between Casterton and Merino via Sandford.

1881-1887 - Police Constable Maurice O'CONNELL living and having children at Sandford.

c1881 - the Sandford Brass Band was formed due to the musical stimulus brought to the district by the talented HOLMES brothers who were operating the local Flour Mill. In 1888 the band combined with the Casterton Brass band and changed its name to the Glenelg Brass Band, with John HOLMES as Bandmaster.

1881, August 25th - The annual show of the Merino, Sandford, and Casterton Pastoral Society was held to-day, on the show ground at Casterton.

1882-1883 - John HEENAN was the publican of the "Sandford Hotel".

1883 - Presbyterian Church opened in Sandford.

1884, September 1st - last section of the rail line from Henty through Sandford to Casterton was opened and operated until its closure on 1977.

1887, June 21st - John Stewart ANDERSON planted the "Jubilee Oak Tree" in front of the Sandford Forester's Hall to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria.

1887, June, 27th - Tenders were called for the erection of Railway Station Buildings and a Stationmaster's Residence at Sandford.

1888, January - St Mary's Church of England opened in Sandford.

1891 - Women's Suffrage Petition of 1891. Link to database of women from Sandford who signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage petition (enter Sandford, or any other location name in the address box of the master website).

1892, May 4th - Visit by the Governor, Lord HOPETOUN


His Excellency the Governor arrived at the Sandford railway station at 10 minutes past 7 o'clock this morning, accompanied by the Premier Three ringing cheers were given for the Governor and three more for Mr Shiels. Mr Koch was waiting with his buggy to drive the visitors to his residence near Sandford. His ponies however got frightened and smashed the pole. Another trap was procured and the Premier drove the Governor and Mr Koch away amid ringing cheers from a large assemblage. A triumphal arch had been erected at the railway gate on which was painted in large letters. Welcome to Sandford and flags were flying at different places along the main street.
The residents of Sandford will on Friday present an address of welcome to Lord Hopetoun The weather is at present fine, but it looks like rain. "The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Thursday, 5th May 1892.

1892, October 10th - Casterton, October 10. The Glenelg and Wannon butter and cheese factory, recently built at Sandford, a couple of miles from Casterton, commenced work to-day. A large quantity of milk was received, the price paid being 4d. Creameries are being erected in the district in connection with the factory. Mr. H. Treeby has been appointed manager. The factory of the Coleraine and Hamilton companies will also start work shortly. The Premier and Messrs. N. Thornley, A. Wynne, and S W. Cooke, M's.L.C, with Mr. Graham, Minister of Agriculture, will be invited to attend the formal opening of the Coleraine factory. "The Mercury," Hobart.

1892, October 19th - A seam of coal was found last week by men sinking a well at the site of the butter factory here. The men are still sinking and are down about 50ft., but they have struck on a seam of stone to-day, so that there is no further proof of coal being in existence there beyond the seam they went through last week. "The Argus"

1893, July 11th - CASTERTON COURSING CLUB. SANDFORD, Tuesday. The Casterton Coursing Club ran off an eight-dog stake on the Sandford Estate to-day. There was a good muster of sporting men present, although the weather was inclement. The stake was divided between Nell and Martell. Nell was the winner at Camperdown, Ararat, and Hamilton recently. Nell is owned by Mr. Carey, of Penshurst, and was bred by Mr. J. Moynahan, of Sandford. She is a remarkably good greyhound, and her grandsire was imported from Ireland. "The Argus"

1893, August 30th - SANDFORD, WEDNESDAY - Owing to the unusually heavy rain the River Wannon has overflowed its banks at Sandford and all the river flats are under water. Hundreds of acres of crops are spoilt. Some narrow escapes from drowning are recorded. Mr Doyle, in attempting to cross a bridge near Sandford was washed off his horse and had to take refuge on the top of the railing. Fortunately for him the horse was driven back by the current, when be managed to remount it and swim out. If the rain continues, which there is every sign of its doing, there will be one of the highest floods that has ever been known here. "The Argus"

1894, August 17th - "WHELAN's General Store" was destroyed by fire.

1901, May 1st - "QUINTON's Rabbit Factory" which operated in the old Sandford Flour Mill (HOLMES Bros.) was destroyed by fire.

1905, July 28th - The Casterton Hunt Club held a hunt at Sandford with 22 gentlemen and one lady taking part. "The Argus"

1906, July 27th - A DANGEROUS DRIVE. SANDFORD, Friday. The flood waters here are receding. No great damage was done here. Several small allotments of land in which crops had been put in were submerged, and may require re-sowing. Frank Jackson, a horse-breaker, of this town, was driving a young horse in a gig from Casterton to Sandford last Tuesday, and decided to drive through the flood waters on the main road. He did not get very far, when he found that he had got off the road into a deep hole. The horse was unable to pull the gig out, so he unharnessed the horse, and succeeded in pulling the vehicle out himself, although up to his waist in water. "The Argus" Saturday, 28th July 1906.

1907, August 1st - Frederick Allen QUINTON formed a new company named "Casterton Freezing Works Co. Pty. Ltd.," in which the "Casterton Freezing Works & Butter Factory," "Casterton Rabbit Preserving Works" and the "Sandford Butter Factory" were being amalgamated. The trustee of the new company was Thomas SOMERVILLE of Sandford. "The Argus"

1908, May - HUNTING. THE CASTERTON CLUB. TWO FALLS. MERINO, Wednesday. - The opening meet of the Casterton and District Hunt Club on Saturday was not so well attended as the similar function was last year, notable absentees being Mr. Frank Crossley and Mr. W. Greer of Murndale. Most of the horses are hardly in the best of condition for hunting, still about twenty donned the red coats. Tho hounds formed a pack of 28, nearly all first season animals and they gave a splendid exhibition, running fast, never being at fault, and giving plenty of tongue. On assembling at the Merino Downs paddock on the flat near the railway station the pack soon got on the scent of a fox, and at a rattling pace led up over a lane double, then the Casterton road double, slewing round sharp to the right across the big lane double at the back of the Church of England. Then they recrossed the Casterton road and entered "Greylands." After a sharp burst of over three miles the hounds were checked near the Henty railway crossing. On being laid on again they travelled through the paddocks of Messrs. Rhodes, Jackson, Shearwood and several others finishing up near the Sandford Hill. Most of the horses jumped well. The master (Mr. K. M. Matheson) fell and sustained an injury to his shoulder besides a couple of broken ribs. He may be incapacitated for the rest of the season. Mr. J. B. Gill of Runnymede Station, was riding along the road when his horse tripped and threw him heavily on to the metal. He was conveyed into Casterton by Mr. A. M. M'Leod's motor car. According to the latest reports both patients are progressing favourably. Amongst those following were :- The master on Byrock, the deputy master (Mr. H. M'Leod) on Niasmus, Mr. M. Bree on Lisp, Mr. Kirby on Barber, Mr. T. Cameron on High Court, Mr. C. Cameron on a grey, Mr. A. Smith on Starbruck, Mr. W. Rhodes on Mauser, Mr. D. Stock on Mick, and Messrs. Morton, Silvester, and others. "The Argus" Thursday, 28th May 1908.

1908, August 1st - WOMAN BURNED TO DEATH. CASTERTON, Monday.-Mrs. John Rigney died yesterday in the Casterton Private Hospital from the effects of burns received during Saturday night, at her residence in Sandford. It is supposed that a lamp set fire to the wall of the residence and deceased was badly burned before her husband could reach her with a bucket of water. She was 65 years old. "The Argus" Tuesday, 4th August 1908.

1909, January 27th - SANDFORD - The congregation of St. Mary's Anglican Church held their annual social on Wednsday night when an illuminated address was presented to Mr. J. H. Jackson of Sandford-house, for the great services he had rendered to the church for a period of about 50 years. "The Argus" Saturday, 30th January 1909.

1910, March 20th - BITTEN BY A SNAKE. MELBOURNE, Monday. A boy named Alexander M'Cabe died as the result of snakebite at Casterton yesterday. Three school boys, named Roy M'Donald, William Pretlove, and Alec M'Cabe, of Sandford all about 14 years of age, went rabbiting on Saturday. A rabbit went into a burrow, and M'Cabe put his hand in. He said, "There's a snake here," but although he received a great shock he did not think that he had been bitten. Shortly afterwards, however, he complained of a headache, and had a fit of vomiting, He told his companions that he would be all right soon ; and they went on rabbiting. An hour and a half later the boy was still very bad, but it was thought that he had a bilious attack. M'Cabo rubbed away some blood from his thumb. When M'Cabe reached home he still said that he had not been bitten. As it was evident, however, that the case was serious, a doctor was called in. He found the symptoms to be those of snakebite and prescribed remedies, but the boy collapsed, and died at Sandford. "The Argus" Tuesday, 22nd March 1910.

1910, August 6th - CLOSER SETTLEMENT - SANDFORD ESTATE. Mr. J. H. Jackson intimates his intention of subdividing 3,000 acres of the Sandford Estate for farms. The land will be sold at auction by Messrs A. E. Smith and Company and Young Brothers. "The Argus" Monday, 8th August 1910.

1914, March - After a separation from his sisters for more than 50 years, Mr. J. Sheppard, a resident of Sandford, Victoria, for 68 years, last week made his first visit to Melbourne to enjoy a family reunion. Mr. Sheppard's sisters, Mrs. C. Gordon, of Kew, and Mrs. M. Dymond, of Prahran, are both old colonists. Mrs. Dymond, who is 70, has resided at Prahran for 40 years, and Mrs. Gordon, 65, has lived at Kew for 30 years. These three old colonists were born on the Koonongwootong station, Coleraine, in the western district. Mr. Sheppard is a well known contractor at Casterton and Sandford. "The Advertiser" (Adelaide, SA) Tuesday, 24th March 1914.

1914, February 2nd - Mr. J. H. Jackson, of Sandford House Estate, for nearly seventy years a resident of the Casterton district, died on Tuesday night, aged 86 years. For years he had driven himself from his residence to Casterton every afternoon, and continued the practice until last week. In 1847 the deceased gentleman came from Tasmania, where he was born, on a visit to his uncle at Sandford House, which had been his home ever since. He purchased the property in later years. He was associated with various public bodies, the Road Board, shire council, and pastoral and agricultural society, and was also a justice of the peace. He leaves two sons and a daughter. "The Argus" Friday, 4th February 1915.

1915, August 8th - Roy McDoanld, one of the boys rabbiting in 1910 at sandford when Alec McCabe lost his life from snakebite was killed on Gallipoli. PRIVATE R. S. (ROY) McDONALD, waggon orderly, 2nd Field Ambulance Army Medical Corps, 1st Australian Division, was killed on August 8. He was born at Sandford, educated at the State school there, and for some time was employed by Mr. J. Stewart, baker, at Casterton. About three years ago he went to Melbourne, where he obtained employment. He passed his twentieth birthday in the trenches. "The Argus" Thursday, 9th September 1915.

1918, May 9th - Mr. James Bruce Gill, the owner of Runnymede Station, near Casterton, died yesterday at his home, alter a short illness, at the age of 69 years. Mr. Gill was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where his parents were large land-holders. The late Sir David Gill, astronomer royal at Capetown, was his brother. Mr. Gill purchased Runnymede Station 34 years ago, and had lived there ever since. For a number of years he was president of the Casterton Racing Club. His widow is the daughter of General Pennycuick. The funeral takes place to-day. "The Argus" Thursday, 9th May 1918 (deaths).

1918, October 2nd - Sandford. (From Our Own Correspondent.)
The local school was crowded on Wednesday afternoon, the occasion being an address by an old scholar, Captain W. A. Cull, who had returned permanently injured from the front. A goodly number of Captain Cull's schoolmates assembled to greet him, as well as the older folk, who remembered him as little Billy Cull. On the Captain entering the school the scholars and adults rose and nearly lifted the roof with the cheer of welcome. The head teacher, Mr C. F. Tilson, then spoke very kindly words of welcome to the old pupil, who had suffered and bled for his country, and assured him, in the name of the Sandford people, that there would always be room for his feet under their tables. The President of the Shire (Cr. J. Little) then took the chair. He spoke in the very highest terms of the boy who used to be known is Billy Cull, but whom he was now proud to call Captain Cull, seeing that he had sacrificed health and limb in securing his honors. Two patriotic pieces were well rendered by the scholars. Captain Cull, on rising to speak, was cheered again and again. He said the kindly reception touched him to the core. He was pleased to renew acquaintance with his old school and companions. He reviewed the past history of Britain, and showed that all along the line men had fought for freedom and justice. It was this same feeling that prompted him to go to the front. He reminded his hearers that victory was not yet won, and we still must do our best. He urged all present to do all they could to supply both money and men. The rooms were tastefully decorated with bunting and flowers for the occasion, whilst the black boards were works of art, and contained many heart searching messages. It was shown that 47 old pupils had enlisted. The patriotic fund stood at 116, and the war savings at 127. It has been decided to erect an honor roll in the school. "The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 3rd October 1918.

1918, December 3rd - Sandford Soldiers. --- Memorial to be Raised.--A meeting was held in the Sandford Mechanics' Hall on Tuesday evening to arrange to commemorate, in the most suitable way, the men who have enlisted from Sandford, and have done so nobly on the battlefield.
It was decided to raise a fund called the "Sandford Soldiers' Memorial Fund."
The following officers were appointed :--Chairman, Mr C. F. Tilson ; Secretary, Mr I. Finlay ; Treasurer, Mrs I. Finlay ; Auditors, Messrs M. J. N. Breen and W. R. Corney ; Committee, Mesdames McCausland and A. McCormack, Cr. A. Mitchell, Messrs D. McCalman, K. M. Matheson, T. H. Mitchell, J. R. Mitchell, J. Stock, W. Storie, Jas. McCormack, P. McCann and H. Mill.
It was decided to erect a column of granite, with the names of the soldiers engraved thereon. Messrs I. Finlay, W. Storie, J. Stock and K. M. Matheson were appointed to canvass for subscriptions.
All interested are requested to forward names of those who have enlisted from Sandford, to the secretary, Mr I. Finlay. "The Casterton News" Thursday, 5th December 1918.

1919, January 1st - The "Sandford Hotel" was delicensed from this date after a district review of hotel licenses decided that only one licensed hotel was required at Sandford. This left the "Commercial Hotel" the only operating hotel at Sandford.

1919, April 26th - Anzac Day was celebrated in Sandford to-day (Saturday) by a procession to the racecource, where addresses were given and hymns were sung. Fifty returned soldiers marched behind the Casterton Vice-regal Band and the pipe band. "The Argus" Monday, 28th April 1919.

1919, May 31st - SUSPENSION BRIDGE FALLS. THREE PERSONS INJURED. CASTERTON, Monday.-While a number of people were crossing the River Wannon at Sandford after a football match on Saturdav evening, the suspension bridge collapsed through the cable supporting one side of the structure having broken. There were nine persons on the bridge at the time, and as the footway turned over they were either caught in the wire-netting which formed the side of the bridge, or precipitated into the river 30ft. below. Fortunately the river is low, and those who fell into it landed on a sandy bank. Benjamin Whyte, who was carrying his young son in his arms, sustained a broken rib and injuries to his back, while the child had his collar-bone and small bone of the arm broken, and Russell Lane sustained a severe injury to his knee. Those who were left to extricate themselves from their perilous elevated position included J. Heenan, Private Kelly, Misses Devereaux, and McSheehey. Two men named White and T. Devereaux fell from the bridge and escaped injury. The bridge is a municipal structure, and is said to have been complained about some time ago by those who doubted its stability. "The Argus" Tuesday, 3rd June 1919.

1921, February 24th - The "Commercial Hotel" at Sandford advertised for sale by tender.

1922, March 11th - SANDFORD.-The Wannon river being dry, a "Working bee" removed the snags from the bathing pool known to many as "the mill hole." -Mr. Phillip Anderson has been appointed a trustee of the racecourse in place of Mr. J. Finley, retired. Another new trustee is Mr. J. Stock. "The Argus" Saturday, 11th March 1922.

1922, November 1st - Misses E. and M. Jackson have opened tea and dressmaker's rooms in Sandford.

1923 - "Sandford House" purchased by James SOMERVILLE.

1923 Sandford Badge 1923, Apr. - "Back-to-Sandford" celebrations, special badge the size of a 10c coin was struck with the wording "Back to Sandford. No Place like Home. 1923". Badge image thanks to David McCalman who found it at the Sandford Foootball Ground ca 1980. He is very interested to find out any information about this badge. Contact - Researcher(Daryl), Researcher(David).
"The Argus" (Melbourne, Vic.) Monday 12th February 1923.
COUNTRY NEWS --- SANDFORD.--Sandford is to be included in the "Back to Casterton" celebrations, which will be held in Casterton during Easter week.

1923, Oct. - SANDFORD. - One of the earliest settlers of Victoria, Mrs James McLelland has died in the Casterton Cottage Hospital, aged 84 years. She had lived at Sandford since she arrived in the colonies, more than 70 years ago. "The Argus" Tuesday, 30th October 1923.

1924, Jul. - A concert and dance held at Sandford for the O'Donoghue benefit fund resulted in a profit of 11. "The Argus" Tuesday, 15th July 1924.

1924, Aug. - James Billan listed as a storkeeper at Sandford. "The Argus" Tuesday, 28th August 1924.

1925, Mar. - The death has occurred of Mr. W. Layley, a nonagenarian. For 60 years he had resided at Sandford. His wife predeceased him some two or three years ago. He was of a particularly charitable disposition and an ardent Socialist. "The Argus" Tuesday, 24th March 1925.

1925, Nov. - The Government bore which is working near Sandford, testing the country for coal, has struck artesian water, giving a flow of l,000 gallons an hour. "The Argus" Monday, 9th November 1925.

1926, Feb. - CASTERTON. Mr. Frank Moore, stationmaster at Sandford, has been transferred to Minyip. Before his departure several presentations were made to him. Mrs. Moore was given a silver cake dish. "The Argus" Thursday, 11th February 1926.

1926, May 30th - Notwithstanding that Sunday was very wet, the Casterton vice-regal brass band's appeal at Sandford on behalf of the Casterton Hospital resulted in 13 being given. A very successful social connected with St. Mary's Church of England at Sandford was held, the proceeds to be devoted to placing an honour roll in the church. "The Argus" Thursday, 3rd June 1926.

1929 - "Sandford House" purchased by Alexander MATHESON.

1929, Nov. - POLICE PURSUE BURGLARS. Fifty Miles an Hour in Car. SHOTS IN THE DARK. ADELAIDE, Friday. Two hours after they had robbed R. and W. Balnave's general store, at Penola, of drapery and men's wear valued at nearly 200, two men were arrested by Casterton police at 2 o'clock this morning. Senior Constable McDonald, Constables Bell and Cameron, and Detective Carey met the car in which the men were travelling 12 miles out of Casterton and tried to block the road, but the car ran through them. Cameron fired several shots in the dark. The police pursued the car, which was travelling at 50 miles an hour. When trying to turn near Sandford it overturned through striking a post, but the two men were extricated unhurt. The car, which contained the proceeds of the Penola and several other burglaries, is a six-cylinder Buick, and is thought to have been stolen in New South Wales. The men gave their names as Thomas Shead, 45, and Arthur Charles Bolton, 26. "The Sydney Morning Herald" Saturday, 2nd November 1929.

1934, Apr. - The grandstand at the Sandford racecourse was destroyed by fire. It was partly covered by Insurance. "The Argus" Wednesday, 4th April 1934.

1936, Sep. - Mr. G.O'Leary was presented with gifts at Sandford from where he has been transferred to the Nyalla state school. "The Argus" Friday, 4th September 1936.

1938, Apr. - At the annual meeting of the Sandford Picnic Race Club Mr. W. H. Mitchell was re-elected president, Messrs. C. T. Murrell, and W. Storie vice-presidents, and Mr. R. E. Richards secretary. "The Argus" Tuesday, 12th April 1938.

1938, Nov. 9 - FESTIVITIES AT SANDFORD. Sports and Ball. CASTERTON, Wednesday. - "Back to Casterton" festivities yesterday included a fancy dress ball for children. About 200 children look part. The attendance in the Casterton Town Hall numbered about 500.
"The Back to Casterton" committee set apart to-day for "Back to Sandford" celebrations. Hundreds of people crowded the street in the gayest day in the history of Sandford. Former residents were present from Melbourne, Wimmera, Mallee, Gippsland, and other States. A procession a mile long proceeded down the gaily decorated main street headed by the Casterton Vice Regal Brass Band and the Glenelg Pipe Band. Following were dozens of motor vehicles decorated with flowers, streamers and bright colourings, also gaily decorated bicycles and men and women in fancy and humorous costumes. A horse parade in the procession was headed by Councillor John Little a stalwart of the district.
The procession halted at the school grounds where the visitors were welcomed by the president of the "Back to Sandford" committee (Councillor H. D. Mitchell) and the shire president (Councillor L. T. Koch). Back to school was then held and a number of old scholars answered the roll call. Mr. H. W. Mitchell had charge of the scholars.
In the afternoon sports were held before a large gathering of spectators. Results:-
Hack, 11st W. Gavan, 1 ; Miss Beryl Black, 2.
Horse over hurdles, Miss Beryl Black, 1 ; N Balkin, 2.
Woman Rider, Miss Beryl Black.
Cycle Race, four miles, J. Forbes, 1 ; F. Icke, 2.
Bicycle Race, two miles, C. Shepherd, 1 ; E. Brilliant, 2.
Sandford Gift, 130 yards, H. Wombwell, 1 ; R. Dwyer, 2.
Moredun Hill Handicap, 100 yards, H. Wombwell, 1 ; B. Lane, 2.
Trevellas Downs Handicap, 75 yards, D. Fox, 1 ; J. Cohen, 2.
Married Women's Race, 50 yards, Mrs P. Heenan.
Single Women's Race, 75 yards, Norma McCalman.
Woodchop, M. Howley, 1 ; C. Sealey, 2.
A ball was held in the evening. Among those present were Councillor L. T. Koch (shire piesident) and Mrs Koch, Councillor J. Little, Councillor and Mrs H. D. Mitchell, Mr and Mrs W. H. Mitchell, Mr and Mrs W. Storie, Mr and Mrs George Lawford (Melbourne), Misses R Mitchell, Perry, A. Hornabrook, B. Mitchell, N. Anderson, Messrs J. Stock, R. Cox, P. McCausland, J. Osborne. The organising secretary was Mr. T. C. S. Anderson. "The Argus" Thursday, 10th November 1938.

1939, Sep. - RED CROSS SOCIETY. CASTERTON - The newly formed branch of the Red Cross Society at Sandford elected the following office-bearers:- President, Mrs. J. Storie, vice-presidents Mesdames R. T. Mitchell and D. G. Sinclair, secretary, Miss Zenna Munn, treasurer, Miss N. Anderson. "The Argus" Wednesday, 20th September 1939.

1946, March - "The Great Flood" in the valleys of the Wannon & Glenelg rivers.

1947 - "Sandford House" Estate purchased by the Soldier Settlement Commission and divided into six farms.

1948, Feb. - Soldier Settlement Commission -- TENDERS are invited for the erection of farm house units in timber construction as under:--
Six (6) Units on "Sandford House" Estate, situated adjacent to Sandford township and 2 to 4 miles south-east of Casterton.
Five (5) Units on "Tulse Hill" Estate, situated about 12 to 14 miles north-east of Casterton.
Plans and specifications may be inspected at the offices of the Soldier Settlement Commission, State Public Offices, Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, at Hamilton, and at Camperdown, and at the offices of Messrs. Buchan, Laird and Buchan, Architects, at Moorabool-street, Geelong and 401 Collins-street, Melbourne.
Tenders will close at the office of the Soldier Settlement Commission, Melbourne, at 12 noon on Monday, March 15, 1948. "Camperdown Chronicle" (Vic.) Thursday, 26th February 1948.

1948, Jun. - FIRST SOLDIER SETTLER ON OLD HENTY PROPERTY.-- Among the properties taken over by the Government for soldier settle ment is the Sandford Estate, and this was recently subdivided into suitable blocks for soldiers, who have now been allocated to their future home sites. Only one home the old "Sandford House" homestead, is at present erected on the property, but it is the intention of the Commission to get on with these homes at the earliest possible moment. This estate was originally the home of one of the Henty Bros., and has been inhabited by several families since that period, The latest of these was Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Taylor, who have been resident there for the past 18 years. The latter were the guests of a large assemblage of Sandford residents at a farewell evening recently, and on the same night a welcome was given to the new occupiers, Mr. and Mrs. D. Squire, of Nangeela, who are the first of the new settlers on the property. Mrs. Squire is well known in Portland, being a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dunne of Hurd-street. "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Thursday, 10th June 1948.

1950, Dec. - Long cattle drive. Mt. Gambier, Friday. A cattle drive that is probably the longest undertaken south of the Northern Territory for many years, will begin at Sandford, near Casterton, on Sunday. John Heron and Jack White, two Mt. Gambier drovers, will pick up 720 head of mixed cattle, belonging to Mr. Keith Bullock, of Hamilton, and begin a 230-mile drive from Sandford to Newmarket. Only two men, with eight or nine dogs, some of the best in the district, will manage the mob. The drive is being undertaken because of the railway strike. "The Argus" Saturday, 2nd December 1950.

1957, November 15th - "Back-to-Sandford Centenary" celebrations.

1963, July 5th - The main building of the Sandford School No. 1654 was destroyed by fire, but important records, rolls and honour boards were saved.

1967, Feb 10th - SEC (state-wide electrical grid) switched on at Sandford. The Sandford "Switch on Ball" was on the 10th February 1967. Admission was gents $1, ladies, 75c and children, 20c. Mrs Rose DOYLE (the oldest living Sandford resident at the time at 87) cut the ribbon at the ceremony. "The official guests, including Mr T CURTIN and his wife, Mr and Mrs A EHMS and Council representative Cr H SILVESTER and his wife, were introduced by president of the Sandford Progress Association Mr A McKINNON. The Belle of the Ball, chosen by Mrs CURTIN was Miss Jean SOMERVILLE, of Sandford." Source "The Casterton News" Jan 31st 1967.

1975, Easter - A "Back-to-Sandford" celebrating the centenary of Sandford School No. 1865 was held.

2006 - Sandford St Mary's Church of England building was sold.