John Russell WHITTEN ~1817-1877
Ann JONES ~1811-1895

London, England; Sandford, S-W Victoria & Ararat, Victoria, Australia

John Russell WHITTEN born ~1817, Buckinghamshire, England son of John WHITTEN and Frances RUSSELL was married in 1841 in London, England to Ann JONES, born ~1811, _________, daughter of ________ and _______.

A daughter Margaret was born and christened at Sandford, S-W Victoria in 1852.

The family had moved to the Ararat district by 1860.

John RUSSELL WHITTEN died in 1877 and his widow Ann died at Ararat, Victoria in 1895.

John Russell WHITTEN & Ann JONES had the following known family...

  1. Edward WHITTEN b. 1843, Melbourne, Vic., d. 1929, d. 1929, Ararat, Vic.
  2. Robert Arthur WHITTEN b. 1846, Portland, Vic., d. 1913, Ararat, Vic., m. 1875, Elizabeth Ann TURNER ~1857-1940 (large family at Ararat).
  3. Amelia Frances WHITTEN b. 1848, Portland, Vic., d. 1945, Ararat, Vic., m. 1867, Henry MORE ~1838-1926 (large family at Ararat).
  4. Esther WHITTEN b. ~1850, Sandford district, S-W Vic., d. 1917, Ararat, Vic., m. 1870, Robert Henry ISBEL ~1849-1908.
  5. Margaret WHITTEN b. 1852, Sandford (nr Casterton), S-W Vic., m. 1903, Joseph ASPDEN. Margaret had a son Albert Edward WHITTEN at Ararat in 1882 who later married and went to New Zealand.
  6. Anne WHITTEN b. ~1854, ____, Vic., d. 1930, Ararat, Vic.

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